Eliminating the EPS would be a mistake: unions reiterate their concerns

Recent announcements from the Minister of Health, Carolina Corkyhas rekindled serious concerns among union leaders about the future of the current health system and the financing of this sector by 2023.

The annoyances and uncertainties have arisen in response to some statements made by Minister Corcho in the Seventh Committee of the House of Representatives, where he pointed out that the overall budget of the Ministry of Health was underfunded and that therefore the posts of the EPS would be cut. Given the controversy, Corcho clarified in a news conference that his request to the Treasury Department was to add at least $5 billion to the $8 billion already allocated within the budget project currently in Congress.

According to the minister, attempts have been made to “twist (her statements) to give the impression that she was seeking a cut in the budget.”

“We are negotiating a budget with a deficit already estimated at $5.7 trillion, and this has been left behind by the previous government due to the pandemic (…) an initial forecast was made, which is not the final one , of $8.1 billion, of which $6.6 billion came from the previous government and 1.5 from us. The request is for nearly $5 billion ($8.1 billion, plus the $5.5 billion deficit and an additional $800,000 million) to meet the government’s proposed health plan.

Added to this fact was the announcement that the health reform to be presented in the next legislature is considering the abolition of the EPS. Immediately there was a shower of criticism on the civil servant from various sectors.

In this sense, EL HERALDO consulted experts and trade union leaders, who agreed that the substantive discussion the minister wants to engage in is about the sustainability of the Colombian health system.

Source: El Heraldo