Melons working in the government team. The first measures: cut the tax burden and expensive bills

A bright smile, a relaxed face and a fiery red jacket. Giorgia Meloni for the second day in a row remains silent, so she opts for a low profile without sensationalist phrases and works with her head down to shape the government she is likely to lead. The leader of the Brethren of Italy led by this motto spoke out late at night when the polls gave her the scepter of the first party. “Italy has given us an important responsibility, we will not let them down,” she promises.

Meloni spends the first day in Montecitorio, where he sees the supporters, and in the afternoon he takes the white 500 to the party’s headquarters. Away from the reporters’ questions, Giorgia enters through the back, letting Antonio Tajani cross the threshold of the main entrance.

The one with Forza Italia is the first meeting that Meloni has with one of the allies, while the other majority shareholder, Matteo Salvini, is engaged with the Federal Council in Via Bellerio, in Milan. Mouths sewn together in the content of the confrontation, it is unlikely not to think that face to face, Meloni and Tajani did not talk about the next government team. The issues to be resolved are different, but at one point – filtered from the meeting – the square would have been found: Tajani president of the Chamber and Roberto Calderoli holder of the Senate. According to rumors, it is also assumed that Tajani and Salvini will be in charge of the post of deputy prime minister. In this way, foreigners would be entrusted to a technician. The most believed hypothesis is that of ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo or Elisabetta Belloni (currently head of Dis). For Forza Italia, the doors of the Education Department would open – the candidate is Licia Ronzulli – and EU Policy, with Anna Maria Bernini ready to take the position. In this case Raffaele Fitto would be ready to lead regional or southern affairs.

For Francesco Lollobrigida the MIT and Giovanbattista Fazzolari the implementation of the program. He confirmed Meloni’s ‘niet’ to Salvini at the Ministry of the Interior. The Ministry of the Interior must be handed over to the mayor of Rome, Matteo Piantedosi, or to Lamberto Giannini, the current chief of police. The Northern League leader would go to Agriculture. Additionally, the League would take Justice with Giulia Bongiorno and – rumor has it – Massimo Garavaglia for Tourism, Giancarlo Giorgetti for Mise and Erika Stefani for Disability would be reconfirmed. Discussions are underway about the Mef – already addressed by ECB adviser Fabio Panetta – which could be ‘folded’. In this case, a candidate for the Treasury would be Fdi’s economic manager, Maurizio Leo. Guido Crosetto could instead win Defense or, alternatively, fill one of the prime minister’s undersecretary positions. On the other hand, Healthcare has the name of a specialist away from the labels, especially in view of the fall, when the Covid pandemic could resurge.

In addition to the whirlwind of names, Meloni is also busy writing his executive’s schedule. The first acts that will be taken to the Council of Ministers – is the reasoning – must meet the emergencies that are bending the country and support the Italians. Cutting the tax burden and ‘mitigating’ energy bills are the first steps that the leader and premier of the IDE will want to take as soon as she walks through the door of Palazzo Chigi. And the maneuver? Rumors speak of a team ready to work already when the Chambers were disbanded to ‘not be caught off guard’. As the team order says.

Source: IL Tempo