The Superbonus remains, but changes: hypothesis of reduction to 80% and linked to income

What will happen to the Superbonus for building renovations? It will be one of the knots to be resolved for the new center-right government and the first ideas from the Executive are beginning to emerge.

As you filter, the bonus will not disappear, but it can be reduced. It is no longer the 110% that created so many problems for those who have to carry out the work within certain deadlines, as well as a series of infractions. Participation could drop to 80%, but some speculate it could even drop to 70% or even 60%.

On December 31, however, the current 110% Superbonus for energy efficiency or seismic upgrading of single-family homes will cease to exist, remaining in effect until the end of 2023 for condominium works. “This was an exceptional measure, right, now we have to continue supporting the growth of the industrial sector, we have to continue the action to support construction – explained Antonio Tajani “you can work to reduce the Superbonus from 110% to 80%”. Fratelli d’Italia sources filtered out a possible 60 or 70 percent stake.

In the new formulation under study, as reported by Messenger, the problem of deadlines must be overcome in order not to lose the benefit, extending the application of the bonus to a duration of 20 to 30 years. In addition, the bonus can be diversified according to the applicant’s income bracket or type of property: higher for the first house, as long as you don’t know luxury, lower for the second.

Anyone who manages to complete 30% of the work by September 30, as established by the deadlines, and does not complete the work by the end of the year may obtain an extension. But it is good to complete the work until the new measure is made official.

The 110% revision could find room in the next maneuver, which this year will hardly meet the October 20 deadline for submission to Parliament. The new measures relating to construction bonuses can, however, enter into maneuver as amendments.

Source: IL Tempo