The Democratic Party seeks the current economy award

A ticket to save goats and cabbages. In the Democratic Party, there is a lot of talk about identity to be rediscovered, line to choose, alliances to be defined. But, in the end, the real theme of the next congress remains just one: how to please all the currents of the party, besides the name of the new secretary. And so the proposal by Andrea De Maria, an Emilian exponent who has just been re-elected to the Chamber, generated a great stir: “My personal wish: with Stefano Bonaccini as candidate for secretary, Elly Schlein would be perfect for a ticket. As has already been done in the region of Emilia Romagna. It would be a way for our land to really contribute to a new era of relaunch and renewal of the Democratic Party and the centre-left».

In practice, fearing that Bonaccini will win and that the left wing of the party will decide to proceed with another split fearing a new “Renzian” turn, he must join his already vice-president in Emilia Romagna, Elly Schlein. What would be the “guarantor” on the left. Thus, the Democratic Party would still not choose whether to be radical or liberal, but all the various currents would remain represented: Guerini’s reformists, Guerini’s Area Dem, the Orlando Dems, and so on.

Because, press well, even the issue of congress timing is just a partisan battle. Those who have a candidate – like Guerini & Co, who support Bonaccini – are pushing to organize the transition as quickly as possible, citing the March Regionals’ excuse that “we must already present ourselves with the new ruling class”. On the other hand, those who do not have an expendable candidate, like the left – Schlein is strong on civil rights, but few people know this outside Emilia – attacks the lightning congress, arguing that “we cannot limit ourselves to just choosing a name, the party must be refounded from the ground up”.

And so poor Letta, pulled from one side to the other, finds himself having to manage a battle for rules and times even before ideas. The outgoing secretary, to bring the nodes to the fore, has decided that tomorrow’s management will be entirely streaming. But he himself is the first to know that the possibility of a congress in a short time is practically impossible. Last time, starting from local and provincial Assisi, it took him six months to reach Zingaretti’s election. Tanro that there are several who are asking for a “prorogatio” from the current secretary, at least to manage the Regionals. And in the meantime, the Democratic Party will have to fight the two-pronged offensive of M5S and Terzo Polo. The grillini, who yesterday celebrated the foundation’s thirteenth anniversary, realized that the further they are from the Nazarene, the more they grow in the polls. And so they plan to give up on the Democrats also in the next regions of Lazio, condemning them to defeat, while in Lombardy their contribution is almost nil. Calenda and Renzi, on the other hand, speak two different languages. The former secretary would simply like to destroy the Democrats, Carlo continues to hypothesize an axis with them, as long as they release Conte.

The result is that, in a party that should work above all on its identity, the congress runs the risk of becoming a simple choice of which ally to join and who to be cannibalized. An aspect bitterly underlined by a great ex, Paolo Fioroni: “Either we melt in the cauldron of populism, although softened by Conte’s elegance, or we strengthen ourselves in reformism through a fundamental clarification with Calenda and Renzi. The novelty that the Democratic Party needs must be decisive: clear in form and precise in content. Deciding not to decide becomes a cover for a management team’s instinct for self-preservation. It is not a debate to earn a living, but to kick the bucket”. It’s hard to say better than that.

Source: IL Tempo