Here are the Forza Italia ministers: Berlusconi announces the full list

Here’s who all the men and women of Forza Italia will be in the new government. The announcement was made directly by Silvio Berlusconi, when he left the Chamber after meeting with the deputies.

According to what the Cavaliere said, Antonio Tajani will go to Foreign Affairs and will also be vice president of the Council of Ministers. Justice is entrusted to Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati. The next minister of the University will be Gloria Saccani Jotti, Anna Maria Bernini will lead the Public Administration, while Gilberto Pichetto Fratin will assume the Secretary of Environment and Ecological Transition.

There will therefore be five representatives of Forza Italia in the government, after the agreement reached yesterday between yesterday and today between Silvio Berlusconi and Giorgia Meloni. The knot of justice is resolved, after the vote won by Casellati on the former magistrate Carlo Nordio, elected to the Chamber with the Brothers of Italy.

Source: IL Tempo