Casellati and Tajani? Di Battista gives Meloni government lessons: “Then he loses face”

An endless night. Dotted with a thousand and more phone calls, very secret meetings and one acute concern: no one, to this day, can be sure that the center-right government is capable of being born. A nightmare scenario, which risks proving many left-wing owls right. Ready to chant, in a hoarse voice, his mantra: “I told you this wouldn’t last, now Mario Draghi comes right back.” Silvio Berlusconi follows his own path, ready to do anything to play his last game. Despite the intervention of his sons Marina and PierSilvio, the former Milan president continues to listen exclusively to hawks and not to the most conciliatory doves. Sometime in the afternoon, the square appeared to have been found. With effort and difficulty, but the list was complete. But the representation of Azzurri present in the next executive did not convince the Magic Circle, which in an amen put everything in doubt. And so, anyone who was sure of being a minister at 17:00 found himself without a position, as if by spell.

“If Meloni succumbed to justice in Casellati, he would lose face. I hope and I don’t believe – says Alessandro Di Battista, who spoke last night on the DiMartedì television show – I believe that relations between Ronzulli and Tajani are bad, that Tajani is increasingly weak. the party is going on while Berlusconi is on the sunset avenue”.

The Che Guevara of northern Rome is partially wrong on one point and reasons to sell on the other. The Casellati – Minister of Justice issue is just the red herring of a much bigger game. Berlusconi simply does not accept that Giorgia Meloni, strong of his twenty-six percent, will call the shots. The former grillino exponent has instead focused the spotlight when he insinuates that Forza Italia is one step away from splitting. There are many, many prominent blue exponents relegated to a corner to accept yet another departure from a weary leader.

Source: IL Tempo