Government, earthquake in Antonio Tajani: the consequences of Berlusconi’s audio

Silvio Berlusconi’s words could have claimed an internal victim of Forza Italia by virtue of the international balance. The statements about Vladimir Putin are considered an accident by the Brothers of Italy, who have been working for months to maintain relations with the US. “Meloni is surprised. Listen to the big blue, there is also the reasoning of a possible distance from Berlusconi. The risk is that the dynamics will become unstoppable and call into question the option of entrusting Foreign Affairs to Forza Italia” with the reconstruction of the Repubblica in the armchair that in recent days seemed safe for Tajani.

“Berlusconi could have killed Tajani”, the quotes from some FdI exponents reported by La Stampa, which explains the change of scenery as follows: “How can the number two of the father-in-chief of the FI assume the role of minister of affairs Foreigners, or, if they change their plans, as Defense Minister after her boss revealed the kindly re-established contacts with Putin, an outcast to America, the UK and Europe. Anyone who spoke to her describes her ready for anything. Even threatening to return to the vote, certainly ready to reorganize the Cabal of ministries. There are those who suggest replacing Tajani for Foreign Affairs with Guido Crosetto, to reassure American allies. But it is a hot reaction, the fruit of collective indignation against Berlusconi.” anyone who has seen him in the corridors of power speaks of a worried Tajani.

Source: IL Tempo