Government, Giorgia Meloni dictates the line: “Italy with EU and NATO, whoever is not there is outside”

Giorgia Meloni speaks again to clarify the positions of the future center-right government, speaking after Silvio Berlusconi’s statements in recent days: “I was, am and will always be clear on one thing. unequivocal. Italy has every right, and with its head held high, part of Europe and the Atlantic Alliance. Anyone who does not agree with this cornerstone will not be able to join the government, at the expense of not making the government. Italy with us in the government will never be the weak link of the West, the untrustworthy nation so dear to many of our detractors. It will revive its credibility and thus defend its interests. a possible government. The first rule of a political government that has a strong mandate from the Italians is to respect the program that citizens voted for”.

Source: IL Tempo