Ukraine, whether or not for Meloni: with the EU and NATO or the government it is not possible. And Berlusconi is in line

With Quirinale consultations at the gates and government staff closing as quickly as possible, it was no longer possible to remain silent in the face of Silvio Berlusconi’s new words about the war in Ukraine. So, away from Montecitorio’s spotlight and via della Scrofa for a day, Giorgia Meloni dictates the line at night with a note that contains a clear either or for the allies. “On one thing I was, am, and will always be clear – writes the prime minister in pectore -. I intend to lead a government with a clear and unequivocal foreign policy line. high, part of Europe and the Atlantic Alliance”. “Whoever does not agree with this cornerstone – firmly emphasizes the leader of the Brothers of Italy – will not be able to be part of the government, at the cost of not being a government”. In short, no plan B. And that’s because “Italy with us in government will never be the West’s weak link, the untrustworthy nation so dear to many of our detractors. It will relaunch its credibility and thus defend its interests.” Meloni goes straight to the point when he states that “I will ask all ministers of a possible government for clarity on this. The first rule of a political government that has a strong mandate from Italians is to respect the program that the citizens voted for”.

However, a note from the director of Forza Italia comes close, in which he states that “in 28 years of political life, the Atlantic choice, Europeanism, the constant reference to the West as a system of values ​​and alliances between free and democratic countries were the basis of my commitment as a political leader and man of government”. “No one, I stress no one, can afford to question this,” adds Cav, explaining that his personal position and that of Forza Italia “do not differ from that of the Italian government, the European Union, the Atlantic Alliance or the Ukrainian crisis, nor on the other great questions of international politics”. “Peace – he concludes – will not be achieved if Ukraine’s rights are not adequately protected.”

The two press releases come at the end of a day marked by new statements made by Berlusconi on the occasion of his speech at the assembly of Forza Italia in the Chamber for the election of the group’s leader. Intervention in which the man from Arcore confesses that he cannot reveal what he thinks of Volodymyr Zelensky (“forget it, I can’t say…”), however, explaining that with his arrival in Ukraine – after having played “to hell” the peace agreement signed in Minsk in 2014 – tripled attacks on the two Donbass republics. Speaking of Vladimir Putin, Berlusconi explains that he was “opposed to any initiative” and that he decided to “invent a special operation” to replace Zelensky’s with a government “of good people and common sense.” Finally, for Berlusconi, “today, unfortunately, in the Western world, there are no leaders, there are no leaders in Europe and the United States of America. I will not tell you the things I know, but there are no real leaders”.

Statements that add to those about relations with Putin re-established between birthday gifts and exchanges of letters. An encore that Antonio Tajani would certainly have given up, hoping to become Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. A task that, however, both Giuseppe Conte and Carlo Calenda must now skip. Attacks to which the Italian national coordinator responds indirectly on Twitter, announcing that tomorrow he will be at the Ppe Summit “to confirm the pro-European pro-Atlantic position and full support for my Ukraine and Forza Italia. In all institutional offices our vote to for freedom and against the Russian invasion”. However, there is another box on which, this time center-right, we are continuing to discuss, namely, that of Justice. In fact, Berlusconi would like Elisabetta Casellati as Keeper of the Seals, while Meloni remains firm in the name of former magistrate Carlo Nordio, whom the Cav meets in the morning before receiving the secretary of the Northern League Matteo Salvini for lunch in Villa Grande, which assumed the unprecedented role of bridge.

Source: IL Tempo