Berlusconi irritates the US: “Horrible words about Ukraine”. There is the investiture of Meloni

Silvio Berlusconi’s words are not at all appreciated by White House leaders close to Joe Biden. An authorized US diplomatic source, very close to Washington’s number one, described the audio about Ukraine and Vladimir Putin as “horrible”. But, as Repubblica reports, the idea is to continue collaborating with the new Italian government, especially in light of the positions of Giorgia Meloni, whose statements on the balance never went unnoticed and were appreciated. However, the paper writes, “The statements by the former prime minister, combined with those of Speaker of the House Fontana against sanctions in Moscow, are causing confusion in Washington, relaunching concerns about how far the premier in pectore will be able to stay the course.” direct”.

“It remains to be seen whether the recordings were filtered by members of the center-right coalition due to internal disagreements, or perhaps encouraged by Moscow to disrupt Meloni and create a permanent state of instability in Italy” the conflict.

Charles Kupchan, Europe Director of the National Security Council for former President Obama, said on the matter: “They confirm the concern that the shift to the right of the European political center of gravity has implications for the EU’s ability to maintain consensus on Ukraine. Washington noted with relief Meloni’s assurances that he would not change foreign policy, but we knew that Berlusconi is a friend of Putin and, along with Salvini, has different positions. In Sweden, traditionally pro-Russian conservatives prevailed , the same could happen in France. The fear is that the political wind in Europe is pulling in a problematic direction, even as Meloni has been solid in Ukraine. Audio undermines Berlusconi and weakens his ability to work behind the scenes to push the government into pro-Russian positions. It is likely that someone opposed to this turn of events would have an interest in making their statements public, to prevent it. Moscow, on the other hand On the other hand, she may be disappointed in Meloni and perhaps interested in complicating his life, but she certainly prefers this government to that of Draghi”.

Source: IL Tempo