Gabriela Cerruti moved on to Alfa from Big Brother 2022 for implicating Alberto Fernandez in corrupt practices.

Gabriela Cerruti moved on to Alfa from Big Brother 2022 for implicating Alberto Fernandez in corrupt practices.

The president’s spokesperson criticized a contestant on a new edition of a reality show that detailed the president’s alleged faux pas; Criticism of Santilli and Lipovetsky

Gabriela Cerruti questioned the statements of the participant of Big Brother 2022
Gabriela Cerruti questioned the statements of the participant of Big Brother 2022

New edition big brother It started with a strong controversy. at yesterday’s meeting, Walter Santiago60 years old – as a nickname alpha-one of the participants The real show, He claimed to know Alberto Fernandez and linked him to corrupt acts. One day later, the president’s spokesman Gabriela Cerruti responded to him on Twitter.

“My best friend since elementary school is Claudio Ferenio, Alberto Fernandez’s right-hand man. I have known him for 35 years. Alberto Fernandez bribed me many times. I know him very well”, said the new “little brother”.

The participant of Big Brother accused the president of corrupt actions

Just after 9:00pm on Wednesday, Cerruti responded: “After learning about the statements made by a participant in the Big Brother program broadcast by Telefe about Alberto Fernandez, we are forced to say that The president has no information about this person and does not remember meeting him“.

And added: “As everyone knows, throughout his public career, Alberto Fernandez has never been involved in corrupt acts. He made transparency a central goal of his management in the public service.”

“While preserving his dignity, we cannot naturally allow someone to express himself lightly in such a way that he only tries to slander and discredit him,” he added. Being a decent and honest person is an inalienable value, so we ask Telefe, the producer and participant of Big Brother, to cancel and stop this aggravating attitude.

Vidal, Santilli and Lipovetsky questions

Some opposition leaders questioned the president’s spokesperson for focusing on the controversy big brother And not on more pressing issues.

Is the president worried about big brother Gabriela Cerruti? really?“- wrote the former governor of Buenos Aires and the current deputy of the city, Maria Eugenia Vidal.

Cerruti answered bluntly: “The President is concerned, among other things, with the propriety of the exercise of public office. We already know you don’t. We saw you destroy the province.”

National Deputy of the Province of Buenos Aires, Diego Santill, also criticized the official notification. “Put purer water on it: For the president and his official spokesperson, the utterances of the Big Brother participant are a priority“.

Cerutti returned to justify the decision to clarify the Alpha’s statements. “The priority is Diego decency. Maybe not for you,” he said.

MP from Buenos Aires Together for Change, Daniel Lipowitzkiadded his question. “There is no more important issue on the agenda of the government than what is written big brother? Take to the streets, people need answers and solutions. Be serious and responsible!” he complained.

“Preservation of decency is very important to me, Daniel. It seemed to you at other times too, ” was Serut’s reply.

Who is Walter “Alpha” Santiago?

Santiago, 60 years old, He already showed signs of a strong personality in his presentation clip. “I never had bosses, I never had a schedule, no one sent me around and told me what to do. At home, no one will tell me what to do. I have always been a leader. I am very cunning, very mischievous and have a very good memory, I don’t forget anything“- he said.

“At home I’m the owner of the kitchen, so they don’t eat salad,” he said, referring to Martin Pepa, a former contestant. Big Brother 2010who became famous for buying 15 kilos of lettuce when colleagues tasked him with groceries.

Georgina and Alpha

“Alfa” was born in Tigray and is dedicated to buying and selling cars. In addition, he lived abroad: in 2001 he settled in Miami, and in 2013 he returned to Argentina. “I am completely iron. I’ve been through everything and I’m here to tell the story of my whole life, share it and also want to learn from all incoming colleagues. I’m not 60, I’m 30 blue and 30 formal,” he joked.

When asked why he entered “the most famous house in the country”, he said: “Why am I entering? big brother? And why not? I will be the patriarch of the house”.

Source: La Nacion