Silvio Berlusconi: Ridiculous attacks by the Democratic Party, an ally of the left that votes against NATO

“Ridiculous”, #Berlusconi explodes by the attacks of the #Pd

“It is truly paradoxical and even ridiculous that it is precisely those who – like the PD – who rose for the elections in alliance with Fratoianni’s extreme left, who voted against NATO in Parliament just a month ago, take the liberty of criticizing me . ” Silvio Berlusconi returns to the case of the stolen audio that shook the formation of the center-right government, with the consultations that began today with the conversations in the Quirinale of the presidents of the chambers.

The president of Forza Italia tries to relaunch the ball in left field with a comment posted on social media. This morning an interview with Corriere della sera was published: “Given the gravity of the moment and the importance of the decisions to be taken for the future of our country, I thought that I should dedicate my time to more important things than correcting distortions, interpretations and frankly ridiculous of my thoughts,” said the Knight.

In the audio released by LaPresse containing the words about Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, Berlusconi reiterates that everything is “out of context, spread without knowing the global meaning of my words, with the sole purpose of spreading slander and disinformation”. One criticism, that of Cavaleiro, “for those who resort to these methods, evidently not knowing any other way to try to put us in difficulty. Make no mistake, I have not been intimidated by many other attacks. . , reduce the political discussion to that”.

Source: IL Tempo