Ronzulli furious after Cav audio broadcast: “Stealing is a criminal act”

After the release of Silvio Berlusconi’s stolen new audio about Ukraine and Volodymyr Zelensky, the center-right majority went into fibrillation, effectively triggering a political earthquake. Giovanbattista Fazzolari of Fratelli d’Italia and Antonio Tajani of Forza Italia spoke for the first time on the subject and expressed their unconditional support for Ukraine. Then came the reaction of the prime minister in pectore Giorgia Meloni who used clear and very harsh words reiterating the Atlanticist line of her future government. “Whoever does not agree with this cornerstone will not be able to be part of the government, at the cost of not being a government”, commented Meloni.

But the blue Licia Ronzulli also intervened in the issue that harshly attacked the parliamentarians of Forza Italia guilty of having released the audio then released by the LaPresse agency: “It is unscrupulous not to say criminal that someone among the 45 elected to the Chamber can lend if alluding to the words of the president that had to be contextualized”. Harsh words that shake the minds in Forza Italia.

Source: IL Tempo