Parents acquit Renzi, Crosetto: “Has anyone apologized?”

Brothers of Italy co-founder Guido Crosetto, with a tweet, intervenes in the story of the acquittal of Senator Matteo Renzi’s parents in the trial for false invoices. In fact, Tiziano Renzi and his wife Laura Bovoli were acquitted by the Court of Appeal of Florence: for the judges “the fact does not constitute a crime”.

“My parents acquitted after years of pain, justice won, they didn’t deserve so much hate,” commented Italy leader Viva Matteo Renzi. Recalling the great media interest that overwhelmed Renzi and his Crosetto family, Twitter attacks newspapers and magistrates who handled the case. “Did anyone apologize to Matteo Renzi’s parents? Did any newspaper make mea culpa? Did any of the magistrates explain why so much effort and so much economic resources were concentrated on two citizens who were certainly not dangerous criminals?” Crosetto chirped, tagging Senator Matteo Renzi. A way to convey the message of proximity to the person concerned.

Source: IL Tempo