Martin Tetas and José Ignacio de Mendiguren star in heated debate on TV

Martin Tetas and José Ignacio de Mendiguren star in heated debate on TV

The Industry Secretary has been embroiled in a heated debate with a Together for Change MP

Martin Tetas crossed Jose Ignacio de Mendiguren on TV.
Martin Tetas crossed Jose Ignacio de Mendiguren on TV.

Industry Secretary, Jose Ignacio de Mendigurenand Member of Parliament for Together for Change Martin Tetaz held this Wednesday a heated televised debate about the state of the economy and in which There was no shortage of chicanes, graphs with data, barbecue stakes and criticism About recent actions of the government.

Tetas started the word a He criticized the restrictions and asserted that the amount the country sells abroad has been “stagnant for 18 years.“. “It is an extraordinary thing. We stop exporting. They don’t believe this in the world,” he said in the debate broadcast by the channel TN. He argued that achieving balance meant increasing the exchange rate, which would generate more poverty.

Today, half of the formal workers in Argentina’s economy earn less than 128,000 pesos., which is the main basket at the moment, so as not to be poor. We need to restore the Latin American export average,” he said. The opposition deputy added that if the country had this level, exports would be doubled today and poverty would be halved.

De Mendiguren crossed his analysis and ruled out stagnation in export volumes. “I’m on the complete opposite spectrum. “He believes that what is destroying Argentina is the politics that make the country grow,” he said.

“I warned you”

Thus, he gave way to criticizing the management of Cambiemos, but corrected himself before finishing the sentence. “I’m not saying “Ah, but Macri” that you like so much, because he’s back. I saw that he came back. It seems that this is the future”, said de Mendiguren. Tetas used a shirt in a campaign last year with the legend “Ah, but Macri”, a reference to the usual criticism of Kirchnerism. “Macri says he’s going to do the same, but faster, Jesus Christ“, he added.

De Mendiguren pointed out that the previous government used a “financial bicycle” by allowing capital to freely enter, by “ironing” the exchange rate and raising interest rates. A national official claimed that every time this policy was used in the country, it “ended badly or worse”. “I warned you that we were going to bump into each other on these roads“, he recalled.

De Mendiguren brought in a black box of imported products.
De Mendiguren brought in a black box of imported products.

The Industry Secretary took a black box with him to the study, which he compared to those found in airplanes to record “the feeling of guilt when they crash”. He mentioned an old debate he had with a current lawmaker in 2017. “What did I show you? [del interior de la caja] This was the real economy,” he said.

Taking the items out of the box, he added, “We brought corn from France, cookies from Germany, chicken broth from Brazil, mosquito coils from Indonesia. i Macri, who said we were going to fill the world’s gondolas, the world’s gondolas filled us.” “Not seeing that was like not seeing a cow in the bathroom,” he shot. He assured that this policy has harmed the local industry. “Of the money that came in, only 4% went to foreign direct investment.

De Mendiguren noted that 219,000 families were left without work during the Cambiemos government, and noted that according to official figures, 192,000 families entered the world of work. He also said that 21 out of 24 jobs were destroyed. interrupted Thetas. “What we’re going to see when we watch the whole movie is that everything “Registered wage private employment in Argentina has been completely stagnant for 11 years,” he said. And he doubled the bet. “They employ people who collect blueprints. It’s a shame what they’re doing.”He pointed out.

“Do you want to lose another roast?

The opposition deputy and the economist crossed the criticism Financial rates in 2015-2019. “The figure of your government has doubled from the beginning of the previous government,” he said. And he added: “The figures you have been crying about on every TV channel are what your government has now,” he began.

Although Tetas admitted that economic activity recovered, asserting that activity has been “stagnant” since last December and indicated that the industry is “down” from the same month’s levels. “Replace your laptop because your numbers are burned!“- answered de Mendiguren. “Want to lose another roast?“, – noted Tetaz. “I will give you 14. You said something!”, replied the official.

Martin Tetaz de Mendiguren was crossed on television.
Martin Tetaz de Mendiguren was crossed on television.

Tetaz then attacked Christina Kirchner’s management. “His government, Christina, took office with a double surplusExternal and fiscal, a current account deficit of $5,000 million remained in the quarter. However, de Mendiguren denied the data. “I wear Cambiemos shirt proudly,” Tetas added in the transitions. “I was in private business, you were all government officials“, shooting.

The discussion began to escalate. “Are you going to keep interrupting me?”Tetas asked. “Yes– replied Mendiguren dryly. “Well, you allow yourself to do the exact same thing in your next intervention,” began the opponent. The national official refused. “As a good Peronist, you already want to change the rules“- said Tetaz.

Christina left cheaper than a dollar [José Alfredo] Martinez de Hotz This is called “sweet silver”. This created an artificial sense of a higher real wage for the sweet money,” Tetas explained. “I remember when Mauricio [Macri] As if he promised everything. In 2018, he said “The worst was over” and four months later everything blew up“- responded de Mendiguren. “But your president He says that the economy is growing and stagnating. Lives in Narnia“- answered Tetaz.

De Mendigourin did not let go. “They started with the fact that the stock should be removed, and in the end they ended with promotions, started taking arrests, finished arresting. They were clear about it. It was the best cabinet of the last 50 years. They released rates and then froze them. They are done by default“, he started.

“Your subconscious has betrayed you”

Another critical moment came when de Mendiguren showed a graph of inflation data from Mauricio Macri’s government. “You’ve been missing the last few years, what a coincidence, huh?” Tetas pressed. “You were the inflation specialists, they said it was fixed in Takito, that it was a problem that could be fixed in two days,” scolded Mendiguren.

Jose Ignacio de Mendiguren crossed paths with Martin Tetas on TV.
Jose Ignacio de Mendiguren crossed paths with Martin Tetas on TV.

Neither war nor pandemicYou had 25%, then 47%, and the following year 53% inflation. Fortunately they left, but where did it end?added the national official. And he elaborated: “Without the pandemic and without the war, we brought it down to 37% in the first year.”

Tetas stopped him. “Wasn’t there a pandemic in 2020?” “Your subconscious has betrayed you,” said the leader of the opposition. The agribusiness secretary admitted the mistake but insisted that inflation had come down despite it. The Economist overcame this: “Bass [la inflación] for the pandemic. Everything stopped, everything was closed because of the pandemic“.

De Mendiguren then noted that he had a positive response with the businessmen he met. “I am traveling in the country. I don’t know if the laptop will take you to the country on foot, I’m going“- he spoke. The official said there is full employment in provinces such as La Pampa, Misiones, Catamarca and La Rioja. in the [por el martes] I was in a meeting Ten governorsincluding one of your party, And all are balanced and full employment“, he started.


At another point in the exchange, de Mendigourin reacted Tetaz reviews to the management of Eduardo Duhalde, during the period in which he held the position of Minister of Production, and confirmed from that moment The longest growing period of history”.

“When you assumed the dollar was worth $1, then it became $3. You created the worst devaluation in history“- answered Tetaz. De Mendiguren was not far behind, blaming him for the deaths during the repression of the 2001 crisis.You left 38 dead in the plaza“- answered the national official. Tetas answered:you fell Kostec and Santillan And you were a minister. Your government killed them“.

“You take the cash bag”

During the debate, de Mendiguren recognized that there were two competing economic models and again challenged them. “It is true that there are two Argentines who like financial speculation and real. I don’t know anything about you, only that they broke it, yes about us,” he said.

“I like Argentina, where you can devote yourself to the work you want. Where anyone with an idea can do it and make money, I’m against prebendary Argentina, which is what you’re advocating for,” he replied.

While tensions rose in the studio, the opposition lawmaker brought up the change in economic variables seen after the 2019 primaries. “In 2019, when your president won. Albert Fernandez, that you are now ashamed After you win PASO, Everything collapsed, people panicked, The Home banking On Monday, the middle class collapsed,” he shot.

you do not have Home bankingYou will take the bag cash”, replied de Mendigourin. Tetas replied: “The The economic model you defend is a protectionist one for a group of businessmen That you were guarding the other side of the counter.’ He pointed to de Mendigouren’s two terms as head of the UIA.

Tetas said he feels “proud” of Mauricio Macricompared him to the French president, Emmanuel Macronand emphasized the figure Cavallo and his conversion policy. “Besides what you did later, Cavallo was a luxury,” she accused him. And added: “The development model you are proposing will plunge Argentina into poverty and marginalization.” Inflation is flying“.

Source: La Nacion