Omnibus, Gian Marco Centinaio vs. Laura Boldrini: It gave me the chills

Controversy continues over the election of new Speakers of the House and Senate. The opposition criticized the choice of Ignazio La Russa and Lorenzo Fontana as second and third positions in the state. This was also discussed during the October 19 episode of “Omnibus”. In the studio was Northern League player Gian Marco Centinaio who defended the two centre-right exponents and pointed the finger at some questionable characters who have been protagonists of Italian politics in recent years.

“I am very perplexed – says Gian Marco Centinaio – Once again if you are not part of this radical chic niche you are considered a vulgar and a post-fascist. at risk to democracy. Let’s see them in action.” Then begins the direct blow against Laura Boldrini: “I am convinced that our country has had Speakers of the House and Senate with whom I shivered. President Boldrini was on the totally opposite side of mine. She was elected I did not say a word against her. In my opinion, this government should be judged when it is in operation. I have heard that it is a government of the extreme right, but it is not true. I understand: when the left governs it is said to be of the center-left. However, the same thing is not true”.

Source: IL Tempo