Pier Luigi Bersani sets the stage: he wants to steal the Democratic Party from Enrico Letta

“Pier Luigi Bersani is a man of order, a man of the party guided by the dangerous cat communism that he carries on his shoulder from an early age like a monkey. He does nothing for nothing. It follows no movement of the spirit, but is moved only by the geodesics of convenience.” To speak like this of the former secretary of the Democratic Party is the Italian Affairs website, which explains the reasons behind the Article 1 member’s controversy over the photo of Benito Mussolini in Mise. In addition to the government’s attacks on fascism, Bersani intends to return to the Democratic Party in place of Enrico Letta.

“And so he doesn’t give a damn about Mussolini, but it’s useful for him at the moment to get into the national trend on Twitter because you know, what’s called the ‘M effect’ always works better than Jesus Christ. So it is plausible that Bersani is crediting himself as the opponent of Giorgia Meloni,” reports the online newspaper about the 71-year-old politician’s goals. There are five years of opposition ahead and he immediately took the ball: power is too good an opportunity.

Source: IL Tempo