The government extends the definition of bonus to the most vulnerable sectors

The government extends the definition of bonus to the most vulnerable sectors

After a meeting between Alberto Fernández and Massa, the matter was discussed, but they claim that “if a decree is reached” news can only be between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow; They also warn of the difficulty of defining the world of people who will accept it

President Alberto Fernández with Minister Sergio Massa this afternoon at the Casa Rosada
President Alberto Fernández with Minister Sergio Massa this afternoon at the Casa Rosada

The national government is delaying the issue of a bonus for the most vulnerable sections of society, Economy Minister Sergio Massa announced at the weekend.. The anticipation of this issue arose in a meeting that the official and Alberto Fernandez held this afternoon at the Casa Rosada, where it was expected that the details of the implementation of the bonus announced by the President this Monday. “I know some people are struggling, we are working with Sergio to reduce the inflation that is eating away at them,” Fernandez said at the time during a visit to Canuelas on the Day of Loyalty. However, after only one hour of meeting, they officially released only the scope of the financing plan for the purchase of household appliances, in 30 installments over 90 days.

“Many topics were discussed, but this was determined”they told him Er Official sources of the Casa Rosada before consulting whether the issue of the bonus, which could reach the most punished sections of society, has been resolved. When asked if there could be news between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, they explained that “if the decree is reached, yes, but it still needs some work.”.

After which they noted that among the areas of human “world definition” are “destitute populations not reached by the Universal Allowance per Child (AUH) or the Meal Plan”. “A lot of crossover has to be done because it’s a population that’s beyond everything, exactly,” they concluded.

Cabinet meeting
Cabinet meeting

The idea of ​​the bonus is that it will be used in the next two months, divided into two parts, with an estimated amount of 45 thousand pesos and will reach around two million people in the world. Moreover, this issue was discussed at the government meeting this morning. The government says that “ANSES, Labor, Social Development and Economy” is working on the issue.

“During this week we are going to strengthen social assistance, we are going to give a bonus to the most vulnerable and those who do not receive assistance from the state, because we do not want to forget anyone,” Fernandez said on Monday. ratifying what the crowd had been waiting for the day before. Since then, close to the president, they explained that only variables remained to be determined before the implementation of a measure that could momentarily alleviate the economic situation of about two million people.

Today’s meeting, as expected, took place soon ErThe official sector that responds Christina Kirchner The Senate decided Advance with special income approval similar to basic grocery cart, which in August was $17,149 for people below the poverty line. presented the initiative Juliana Di Tullio Three months ago His treatment was frozen after the government said it would step up the so-called with a portion of the funds raised through the implementation of the Soy Dollar.

The meeting between Fernández and Massa was not initially planned, because until yesterday evening the President was scheduled to travel to Catamarca for today’s meeting. Then he changed his plans and unexpectedly chaired a cabinet meeting this morning. Shortly after this Tuesday, it became known that John Manzur He will soon leave the cabinet and join the list of officials who left the cabinet.

This is the second time that Fernandez and Massa have met in two days. This Monday morning they met at Quinta de Olivos, where they analyzed the new economic measures. After that, both of them went by helicopter to the city of Canuelas, where they took part in the rally together with the governor. Axel Kitsilo; Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodisand various mayors of the province.

Everything was within the framework of October 17, when Loyalty Day was celebrated and three different acts were performed, none of which the President was invited to.

in turn Yesterday, Massa confirmed the change of income floor, which increased to 330 thousand pesos, and today, together with the president, they finished drawing up a plan for the purchase of electrical equipment in 30 installments. which will be launched from this Friday throughout the country,” as officially announced by Casa Rosada. It reaches refrigerators, washing machines, mid-range mobile phones, televisions and low-consumption air conditioners, with domestic production and 90-day frozen prices.

Source: La Nacion