Foreign Affairs and Justice Last Knots: Meloni-Berlusconi Frost Remains in Tajani and Nordio

Giorgia Meloni travels quickly at the launch of the new government. Today, the leader of the Brothers of Italy was able to receive the post of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. Meanwhile, the rumor that the premier in pectore would accept the delegation “without reservation” is taking shape, precisely to speed up times, thus presenting the names of the members of her new executive directly to the Head of State. There are some fixed points in the first-level dicasteries. Like the justice that should go to Carlo Nordio, who, apparently, had already indicated by Meloni herself to the magistrate on the occasion of his candidacy. But Silvio Berlusconi doesn’t give up, in Via Arenula he wants Elisabetta Casellati. The Interior Ministry would fall to Matteo Piantedosi, the current mayor of Rome, who once held the post of chief of staff when Salvini was at Viminale. While the name of Northern League player Giancarlo Giorgetti has been firmly in the Economy box for days. And, speaking of League, Infrastructure and Transport, it would be up to Matteo Salvini who would also have the post of deputy prime minister. Salvini, says dal Carroccio, who is already working on proposals to overcome the Fornero Law after talking to party economic experts.

The post of deputy prime minister also goes to the fighter Antonio Tajani who, among other things, is accredited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, despite the pro-Putin shots of Silvio Berlusconi. On the other hand, they say of via della Scrofa, “for Giorgia, Tajani in this role would be a kind of guarantee of Forza Italia’s loyalty to the government and the majority.” It must be said that the two roles of deputy prime minister are not right. Marina Elvira Calderone seems to work, as does Giorgia’s other loyalist, Guido Crosetto, who seems destined for economic development, even if some uncertainty arises in the last few hours. Adolfo Urso, should lead the Ministry of Defense. Francesco Rocca, national president of the Italian Red Cross, to the health department and Giordano Bruno Guerri or Gennaro Sangiuliano to Culture. The list that Meloni could hand over to Mattarella today would include Raffaele Fitto for European Affairs, Alessandra Locatelli for Disability, Maurizio Lupi for Relations with Parliament and Giovanbattista Fazzolari, undersecretary of Palazzo Chigi.

Then there’s Agriculture, initially handed over to the League and which now sees Luca De Carlo (head of the party’s Agriculture Department) in pole position, but there are those who bet that Francesco Lollobrigida could win in the end. The ecological transition, which however could be “emptied” from the energy delegation, claimed by the FdI, would go to Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, while tourism to Daniela Santanché. Simona Baldassarre or Simonetta Matone (Lega) is located in the Ministry of the Family. A separate chapter is Education and Public Administration. Giuseppe Valditara (Lega) and Anna Bernini or Elisabetta Casellati, both from Fi, are accredited in the first dicastery. While for the PA, the names of Bernini and Casellati return. That’s because the Ministry of Reform would have jumped, so it’s all to be decided. The name of the Minister of the Sea, sought after by the leader of via della Scrofa, is unknown. All this, while Meloni was waiting for a position from the EPP on the Cavaliere’s audiogates, which has not yet arrived. This loose cannon, however, could question four to five first-tier ministers, including the Mef.

Source: IL Tempo