Government, Breda reveals Mattarella’s plans: “He wants guarantees of loyalty to the EU and NATO”

It is the day of the consultations of the center-right coalition and between Montecitorio and Quirinale there is excitement to understand if it will be just Giorgia Meloni to speak or if Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini will be protagonists of some exit, either in front of reporters or in front of Sergio himself. Mattarella. “Many hope that the decanting of the last few hours will translate into a definitive proof of responsibility. Even the President of the Republic, who wants to gather clear signals before entrusting the post of prime minister”, reports Marzio Breda in Corriere della Sera, according to which Colle wants a united government that takes office as soon as possible.

The critical point of the conversation with the head of state will be the international position of Italy and it is the journalist himself who reveals what the behavior will be with the political forces: “This time the test parameter of Mattarella also focuses a lot on foreign policy and loyalty , on the part of Italy, of the signed Treaties. Which are those with the European Union and NATO. As guarantor of the Constitution, the President has the duty to assess the general consistency of a government program with our accession to the EU and NATO ”.

Just remember, for example, the rejection of Paolo Savona as Minister of Economy due to his skeptical considerations about Europe. “Don’t worry, Italy will stay where it is, in Europe and in the West,” Mattarella told the opposition, clarifying the climate in which he will face the winners of the elections. Also from the newspaper filters that the Quirinale will not veto Antonio Tajani as Minister of Foreign Affairs: his resume says that he headed the EU parliament and was vice-president of the PPE. The goal is to get to the oath on Sunday.

Source: IL Tempo