An oral trial begins against the mayor of Famaila, who is accused of insulting a councilor in the parliament.

An oral trial begins against the mayor of Famaila, who is accused of insulting a councilor in the parliament.

Jose Orellana was denounced by a National Congress official who said he had advanced him in his office when he was a lawmaker.

Jose Orellana
Jose Orellana

The 28th Oral Criminal Court begins this Friday the trial of the mayor of the city of Tucuman. Famaila, Jose OrellanaAccused of sexually assaulting a congressional staffer in November 2016 when he was a national MP.

A lawyer and a former deputy will represent the complainant at the trial Maria Elena Barbagelata And the hearings will be conducted by the president of TOC 28, Carlos Cediek, Télam agency reports.

In 2019, Orellana was released due to “lack of evidence”, but was later found guilty of sexual assault by Chamber IV of the Court of Appeal.

According to the complainant, who was 22 years old at the time of the alleged events, Orellana engaged in “groping, physical advances, comments and kisses” to which she never consented when she went to her office to be informed that people were waiting for her on the first floor of the Legislative Building.

Initially, the Chamber of Deputies did not take a decision on the complaint, but in July 2020, at the initiative of the Department of Gender and Sexual Diversity of the Lower Chamber, it included the complainant in the permanent enterprise of employees.


According to the complaint, everything happened that Friday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Orellana’s office on the 4th floor of Annex H, located at Callao 86. Orellana’s office is attached to the office of Socialist MP Gabriela Troiano. which the appellant worked for. The events began when, at the request of a security guard stationed on the first floor, he knocked on the door of Orellana’s office to see if there were people there. A group of people were looking for him below.

The deputy was accompanied by a lone counselor who left Orellana and the young woman alone in Troiano’s office to attend to a security guard’s phone call. The deputy then began to approach, he said in the affidavit. Taking her hands, she said, “How are you, baby, so long? They told me that they don’t give you good time.” The complainant explained that he was referring to a personal situation he was experiencing.

Jose Orellana
Jose Orellana

He reassured Orellana, adding later, “You need someone to love you.” Always without letting go, the deputy told him, “I’ve loved you since I saw you,” according to the complaint. The alleged victim said he tried to turn the conversation to a health issue because he had an insulin problem and later tried to leave the office. “Okay, Deepu, I’m going,” he said. Then, according to the complaint, Orellana hugged him and began kissing him on the left ear, saying, “Nobody’s ever kissed you like that, have they?” He stated that he had let him go at that moment, replied, “No, of course not,” and left the office.

When filing a complaint, he contacted Orellana, and the deputy denied the accusation and gave a different version of events. He assured that he was never alone with the appellant and that there was not even physical contact which caused the misunderstanding.

“I couldn’t do anything, everything took me by surprise, like I couldn’t believe what was happening,” the young woman said in her statement when asked how she reacted to Orellana’s behavior. The process is likely to take several hearings.

Source: La Nacion