The visit of Jair Bolsonaro’s son brought Javier Millay closer to some sectors of Together for Change.

The visit of Jair Bolsonaro’s son brought Javier Millay closer to some sectors of Together for Change.

The leaders of the main opposition coalition maintain good ties with the libertarian world, and this was reflected in the meetings with the Brazilians.

Javier Millais, Eduardo Bolsonaro and José Antonio Caste share a forum "against socialism" in Brazil
Javier Millais, Eduardo Bolsonaro and José Antonio Caste share a forum “against socialism” in Brazil

The dinner brought out the harmony that exists between some sectors together for change and around the world Javier Miles. It was an excuse to be Eduardo Bolsonaro in Argentina. The son of the Brazilian president went to Buenos Aires to, in his own words, “open the eyes of the undecided” before the second round in Brazil.

He was present on behalf of the main opposition coalition Miguel Angel Pizzetto the leader of Republican Peronism, included among the presidential candidates of “Together for Change”; Joaquin de la TorreProvincial senator, former mayor of San Miguel and candidate for governor of the army Patricia Bullrich; Buenos Aires deputy for that district Catalina Buitrago, and National MPs of Pro Francis Sanchez – Those who proposed the death penalty for the crime of corruption – and Dina Rezinovsky.

A national deputy from the libertarian sector participated Caroline Piparowhich formally continues in the block Jose Luis Espert in the Chamber of Deputies, but lately it has been closer to space mile; Ramiro MaraPresident of the bloc Freedom advances in the Buenos Aires Legislature; Nauel SoteloThe provincial deputy, who also came from the espert army, but had already whitewashed his pass, and Agustin Cottofrom United Republicans and the shipowner Miley Land of Fire. Victoria Villaruel was also part of this list and although he was not present at the dinner, he did participate William Montenegro, The head of his office, who comes from working with Diego Santilli.

The meeting was called in Puerto Madero Ferdinand KerimedoA political consultant who collaborates with Bolsonaro’s social networks and worked on the campaign to “reject” the new constitution in Chile.

Although she was invited, Miley didn’t make it on time because she was interviewed on LN+, but she got her revenge and shared breakfast with Bolsonaro and Villaruel. “Brothers of Brazil, do not promote yourself to Lula, a convicted communist. Vote for Jair Bolsonaro,” he said in a video with the president’s son.

“Regional Law”

The libertarian army is watching the election of a neighboring country with particular attention. They argue that Lula’s victory promotes Kirchnerism, while they believe that Bolsonaro’s victory strengthens them. They are excited about consolidating the “regional right”..

There was no joint photo“- remarked one of the diners. In Miley’s world, they noted that this meeting was not trying to build “something programmatic” and emphasized that the main character was Bolsonaro. One of the leaders participating in the meeting noted:It is clear that there is a range of right-of-center that may coalesce at some point. What doesn’t fit today are the heads: Patricia Bullrich, Maile and Macri..

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was added to the list of politicians who met Miley Piketo, with whom he met last year. According to sources familiar with the meeting, the ex-Kirchnerist national senator’s criticism was that he had to find something positive for his project beyond expressing social fatigue and public anger, because otherwise its construction would always be based on the failure of politicians. .

Villaruel is also aligned with the ranks of the federal Republicans. The deputy attended the presentation of the former senator’s book “Capitalism or poverty” and sat next to him. Miguel Angel TomásFormer head of SIDE, who today is a member of the party desk and coordinates security, intelligence and defense issues. The leader then attended the inauguration of Villaruel in the Democratic Party of Buenos Aires. In addition, Mara called in young libertarians to speak.

From the MP’s environment, they are limited to admitting that they have “friendly relations” with Picheto’s sector. But they believe that building ties with the right is part of the political capital Picheto is trying to demonstrate under “Together for Change.” They understand that this is a Patricia Bullrich-like logic that reveals its connection to libertarians.. It is for this reason that the MP decided not to attend the dinner with Bolsonaro and to meet the next day at a breakfast in which Millay participated. Some understand that this is the reason why Miley avoided the photo with the members of “Together for Change” and chose to appear with Bolsonaro.

Another name that came up was Javier Iguazelle. It was rumored that he might join Millais’s troops if they did not give him a place in the pro Buenos Aires intern, where he would confront the MPs. Christian Ritondo – the candidate you support Maria Eugenia Vidal– Already Diego Santil, Laretismo’s letter. However, from the environment of Captain Sarmiento’s intentions, they replied that he would not consider going together for a change. “There is no approach”, they tried to clarify the versions. They said that the two leaders share certain ideas and have a good relationship, culminating in their casual meetings in the TV studio.

In the world of Millais, they emphasized that their ideological connection could not be extended to all Hawks, but only to some members. Some acknowledged that the presidential draft could function as a “fundraiser” for pro-angry leaders, especially in the interior. However, they know that this hides the risk of adding infiltrators. Thinking about this project, Sotelo is one of those who maintain good relations with all sectors, from Larretismo to the ranks of Frente de Todos. As a rule, he rates himself as a facilitator and believes that dialogue with other sectors will be necessary, given the place that Miley will occupy politically next year, who knows about all the meetings of the provincial deputy.

Source: La Nacion