Mauricio Macri talked about Pro’s nominations, winked at Miley and left a message on Laretta: “I’m not listed”

Mauricio Macri talked about Pro’s nominations, winked at Miley and left a message on Laretta: “I’m not listed”

The former president asked future presidential candidates to maintain “unity to fight mafias and privileges” regardless of the results; He also shared definitions of referees such as Facundo Manes, Elisa Carrió and Alberto Fernández.

Former President Mauricio Macri
Former President Mauricio Macri

ex-president Mauricio Macri analyzed Argentina’s economy and talked about the noise caused by the presidential candidates in Together for Change: “I see that there is a lot of anxiety,” he said. He also left a message about the “performance” of Horacio Rodríguez’s Laretta on this road in 2023.

He also took the opportunity to respond – without naming her – to Elisa Carrio, for her criticism of Nicolas Caputo and the Tierra del Fuego regime. He then pointed to questions from Gerardo Morales and Facundo Manes, who shot arrows against him by targeting PASO. “You have to compete with height”he warned.

“We must work as a team against privileges, mafias. We must be united,” he said. He said about his candidacy: “I’m not listed.” When they showed a photo of Javier Millais, he justified some of his ideas. “The debate of these ideas has enriched Argentina,” he said. But when asked about Carrillo’s veto, which eventually came together for a change from the libertarians, Macri suggested that what you have to do is compete. “That’s what STEPs are for,” he explained.

For now, Millay has refused to join, and Macri does not openly invite him.

Argentina’s political and social scenario

Confidence in Macri, Argentina has evaporated. “If we are in a country where Paul Moyano Squeeze what you want. Tires brought the country to its knees. Mapuches who are not Mapuches, there are 20 types of dollars. No one is going to invest money”, said. He also insisted that there should be “equality before the law”. Moyano expected that if Macri won the next election, would carry out labor reform. He then warned that if he did, he was going to “eat every quilombo”.

Despite the pessimistic analysis, he emphasized the existence of a new movement: “Since 2015, everything has changed. People are asking for freedom, to get rid of them, to be allowed to work and not be given anything more. Today there is more faith. Society has realized that a profound change is needed“.

In this regard, he hoped that 2023 would be the year of “the end of populism”. “Populism will end in Argentina next year. He’s going. We are not going to get infected again,” he said. He then noted that the only province that was “not infected with populism was Córdoba.”

“We have to do something magical, be smart, be predictable in the face of what’s going to happen”He noted below.

Former President Mauricio Macri
Former President Mauricio Macri

Candidates in opposition and analysis by figures

Regarding possible candidates for the presidency of the opposition, he started by talking about the head of the government of Buenos Aires. Horacio Rodriguez Laretta. “I see Laretta better than when she started. Trying to convey more firmly what to do with faith,” he said. He was also happy to bet on love.

“I’m glad he’s in love and showing it”, Held. And he recalled: “There is something exactly that I said to him the day he broke up with Barbara Diez, who has contact with the latter. I told him that to get to a place like Quinta de Olivos, a good affective and family structure is necessary.”

“For me, it was one of the most difficult moments that I have lived in my life. I couldn’t have done it without my family. A person should be well personally. The nights are very long there,” Makri admitted. After reminiscing, he emphasized to the president of the Prof Patricia Bullrich and former governor Maria Eugenia Vidal.

He described Bullrich as “Fighting and true in what it expresses” And he was candid in saying that he sees himself “working and walking” to get to the presidency. Vidal, for his part, was described by Macri as “A very valuable leader”. Continuing his political definitions, he decided to become a deputy Facundo Manes.

Radical Civil Union MP Facundo Manes
Radical Civil Union MP Facundo Manes

“He’s looking for his place. It should convey ideas and values. This way you can vote. “Attack will not vote” specified the referent of Together for Change. He insisted he did not feel “intimidated by his comment about mild populism”. “I’ve seen a lot,” he said between laughs.

He also released a statement about his relationship with Elisa Carrio, a member of the ARI Civil Coalition, who has been critical of the business community in Tierra del Fuego and the alleged espionage he experienced during the Cambiemos administration: “Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand what he says. I don’t want to analyze anything anymore.”

Regarding the SC’s project to eliminate benefits for companies operating in the south, he agreed, recalling: “My government removed the internal taxes that most benefited Tierra del Fuego. Domestic taxes were for those who imported the iPhone. I believe there is competition.”

He then turned to the figure of Liberal MP Javier Millais, who “Invited to participate in PASO”. “Let everyone offer their ideas. If people choose ideas of profound change and are very much in line with freedom, it will rule the coalition space. Otherwise, something else happens. It’s that simple,” he said.

Liberty Deputy Javier Millay
Liberty Deputy Javier Millay

A short reflection on President Alberto Fernandez has ended. “The devaluation of the presidential speech that this president did was unprecedented in history. Fernandez is before and after. It would be nice if you read my book, if you can.”These were the words he sent to the President.

Finishing his analysis of the various characters walking the current political scene, Macri turned to those who presented themselves as PRO and Together for Change presidential candidates and reiterated: “I work to help everyone. I don’t want to have soldiers. It is the people who will choose.”

During the final sections of the interview, Macri talked about Argentina’s economic situation and suggested changes in a possible change of government. “We need to return to macroeconomic balance, eliminate inflation, have a strong currency and that people can save”synthesized.

Source: La Nacion