Audio Berlusconi, the ronzulliani trace the identity of the mole: the profile of the ex-deputy

The issue of Silvio Berlusconi’s audio remains firm in Forza Italia. With the Repubblica giving precise indications about the identikit identified by the wing next to Licia Ronzulli, loyal to the Cavaliere: Mediolanum and already a trusted advisor to Berlusconi. No one can prove it and the breeze of slander has already turned into powerful and contrary currents within Forza Italia.”

In addition to the mole hunt, the split between two factions of the blue group must be recorded. On one side the governors of Antonio Tajani, on the other the “hawks” led by Ronzulli. The first group includes future ministers Gilberto Pichetto Fratin (Ministry of Ecological Transition) and Anna Maria Bernini (Ministry of Public Administration), both names appreciated by Giorgia Meloni. Gloria Saccani, assigned to the department of the University, is given in quota by Marta Fascina, on the opposite side.

Source: IL Tempo