Roberto Capobianco, president of Conflavoro Pmi, praises minister Calderone

The first considerations reach the new ministers of the Meloni government who took office before the President of the Republic. The satisfaction is expressed by the Minister of Labour, Marina Calderone. “On issues that are dear to us, from the world of work to the protection of the business fabric, we are satisfied with the choices made by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Constructive dialogue will not fail – thus Roberto Capobianco, national president of Conflavoro Pmi – The same president of the Council, to whom our congratulations – he adds – has shown, especially in recent very difficult years, an important sensitivity towards small and medium-sized enterprises, recognizing them as the subjects most affected and, today, unfairly and inexplicably weak, despite to be the cornerstone of the Italian economy, therefore, also in his opinion, worthy of every effort to be defended and strengthened”. “In particular – continues the president of Conflavoro PMI – I trust that we will then have a fruitful relationship with Minister Adolfo Urso, who is a serious person and attentive to the real needs of those who do business in Italy and has a first-rate institutional structure. We hope he will listen and participate in the requests we will be submitting in the coming days.”

“A warm good luck – concludes Roberto Capobianco – I want to finally address you to Marina Calderone. Our association has known her for years and has collaborated for a long time with the National Council of the Order of Labor Consultants. common commitments in favor of companies and professionals , which Conflavoro PMI sees and considers as two cogs that cannot be separated Over the years as president of the CNO, Calderone has always talked to all political parties and, above all, to social partners, unions and trade associations without distinctions or preferences. this for me and for Conflavoro PMI is the guarantee at this time of an important synergy and a strong change in relation to the recent past”.

Source: IL Tempo