“We will implement the disability law.” Alessandra Locatelli’s challenge

Alessandra Locatelli is the new Minister for Disability. Immediately after being sworn in at the Quirinale in the hands of the President of the Republic Mattarella, she stopped to talk to journalists and announced what her ministry’s first actions will be. Firstly, the implementation of the disability law and the full recognition of caregivers. “We are all very happy. It’s a great honor. I was very touched-she said when leaving Quirinale-Meloni praised us and in the next few days there will be a way for us to get to know each other and think about all the issues and start working. As women we are one more than the previous government and so I think having the prime minister increases the number and gives prestige to the government”. Thus, the Minister of the League for Disabilities Alessandra Locatelli. “This government has value and much more skills, we will be able to face the challenges we face. My concern goes out to many families in difficulty. We must stay close to them.”

Source: IL Tempo