2026 Olympics, the new minister Abodi guarantees: they will be wonderful Games

The objectives will be respected. The new Minister of Sport, Andrea Abodi, at the end of the oath in the Quirinale of the government of Giorgia Meloni explains that for the 2026 Milan-Cortina Olympic and Paralympic Games “we are well advanced” and “we certainly need to do for these two months of waiting for the new top “of the Milano Cortina Foundation. “The structure is working, the times will be respected and it will be wonderful Games”, he announces, predicting a successful Winter Olympics.

With regard to the management of sport, which also has an enormous social function, at this stage it is a “priority” to address the issue of “amateur clubs that are experiencing a moment of great difficulty. Once this crisis is over, sport resumes its natural course. First of all, “we must think of the weakest,” Abodi told reporters who were waiting for him in front of the presidential palace.

On the historic novelty of a woman in the OPalazzo Chigi, the new minister commented: “There is the charm of having a female president for the first time, but Meloni is above all a person who must be respected as such”.

Source: IL Tempo