Giuseppe Conte asks the Meloni government for electoral reform and constructive distrust

Oppositions are, to say the least, desperate. After the September 25 electoral coup, they are looking for ways to stay afloat and gain some visibility. The last timeless request is that of Giuseppe Conte, who asks the new majority to collaborate on a new law and a reform that introduces so-called constructive distrust.

An electoral law that guarantees representation in Parliament and constructive distrust. These are the points mentioned by Giuseppe Conte during the meeting promoted by Stefano Fassina, “Towards the progressive pole”, to respond to what Conte calls the “disease of democracy”. “We must be fully alert: this democracy of ours is seriously ill”, explains Conte: “Abstentionism has reached impressive levels”, recalls the president of the M5s, enumerating the “symptoms” of the pathology of democracy in Italy: “An electoral law, then we have political forces that made up for a resounding defeat, but which have more parliamentarians than we do; a crisis of the democratic system that compromises the functionality of institutions and that concerns representation; then there is an oligarchic drift in our democracy. An oligarchic drift because the parties that have degenerated into currents cannot renew themselves, there are economic and social powers that we also touch and that count more than those that receive the investiture of the citizens; there are business committees that manage beyond the rules to implement their initiative, which leads to the misconduct and corruption. About this”, underlines the former prime minister, we must confront each other, not only in ideals or in a horizontal nt of values. Otherwise, we are not aware of the revolutionary and renewing force that we must deploy ».

“If a force presents itself as an alternative to conservative politics, it can only have a transforming force. Because for the consolidation of the status quo there is the right. But let’s find ourselves in this first connotation, in this first preliminary step: today an alternative to this conservative policy can only be revolutionary, soft, but radical and uncompromising. Today the M5s is more radical and intransigent than before, precisely because of the letter of values ​​that was given». According to Conte, therefore, “we must hit privileges harder, because if we let market forces unfold their action, potentates will continue to defend their interests as they always did. I was attacked from the right and the left because I did not open the inn at Palazzo Chigi to the notables who have frequented it for years. This is the premise for defining a modus operandi and a perspective towards which to move. Now we must ask ourselves how to overcome this electoral law and guarantee a better functioning of the institutions. It would be easy to ensure executive stabilization and constructive distrust could be a concrete tool to ensure that there is no protagonist who wakes up and creates a crisis in the dark, as happened. An electoral law is absolutely urgent. I will tell the center-right forces to put us at the table of an electoral law that guarantees adequate representation».

Source: IL Tempo