Government, Meloni listens to EU leaders and reassures Zelensky: “On the side of Ukraine”

“Here is the government team that, with pride and a sense of responsibility, will serve Italy. Now it’s time to work.” It is shortly after 11 am when Giorgia Meloni leaves Colle in his car and confides the first words after the oath to social networks – recited from memory, but with a small addition to the expected formula (“my mandate”) – held at the Salone delle Quirinale Feast before the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella. The executive headed by the new prime minister is officially in office.

The prime minister, who chooses to wear a black suit for the occasion, also publishes a photo of Saint John Paul II, “a pontiff, a statesman, a saint. is the Saint of this very special day for me”. Particular also because it is characterized by a mixture of very strong emotions, those of the Quirinale first, those of Testaccio later, where Meloni moves – after a small coffee break with the family to a bar near Garbatella – to participate in the Church of Santa Maria Liberatrice at the funeral of Francesco Valdiserri, the 18-year-old son of two journalists from Corriere della Sera who was shot and killed on the night of October 20 on via Cristoforo Colombo.

The Prime Minister, alongside Senate President Ignazio La Russa, remains in the square until the end along with the many people who came for the last farewell. So he goes home to start work right away. In the afternoon, he listens by telephone to the leaders of the European institutions Charles Michel (President of the European Council), Ursula Von der Leyen (President of the European Commission) and Roberta Metsola (President of the European Parliament). He also writes to the three of them via Twitter. “I hope to continue the fruitful dialogue started in Brussels a few months ago – the message to Metsola -. Italy will play its role for a strong and effective Europe in responding to the challenges of our time”. “Looking forward and ready to work with you to strengthen the EU’s resilience in the face of our common challenges”, he adds, addressing Von der Leyen, and ends with Michel, stressing that he is “ready to do our best” with 27 “nations countries” who “cooperate together for a better Europe” and unite “for freedom and democracy”.

Also significant is the ‘chirp’ sent to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: “Italy is and will always be on the side of the courageous Ukrainian people fighting for their freedom and a just peace. You are not alone!” The international reception is warm, even from abroad comes the ‘welcome’ of Joe Biden, to whom Meloni assures: “The United States and Italy are united by a deep friendship and a transatlantic partnership, founded on common values. hope to strengthen them even more, fighting together for international freedom and security”.

Source: IL Tempo