“I lose 95% of my income.” Sacrifice of the Crosetto government: Mattarella asked

“I didn’t want to be a minister because for me it means reducing my legitimate, hard-earned income by at least 95%, but maybe more.” Speaking is Guido Crosetto, the new defense minister, who speaking to La Stampa explains the reasons that led Giorgia Meloni to include him in the government team, against what he wanted: to stay out of politics. “I feel a great responsibility on my shoulders, I am aware of the difficulties to be faced due to the commitment made. We feel the weight of 60 million citizens on us and whoever assumes this role gives up the shirt of the party to represent the whole country”, explains the founder of Fratelli d’Italia.

The businessman explains the initial resistance and tells a story that directly brings up Sergio Mattarella about his presence on the center-right list: “I said I could sacrifice myself to accept the super Mise. In the end, after Silvio Berlusconi’s departure, you needed someone in defense who had an unassailable international position. It was necessary mainly for the presidency of the Republic”.

Crosetto concludes with an attack on those who accuse him of a conflict of interest: “There is no person who can scare companies more than I do, because I know them perfectly well. The only real conflict is the one with family economic tranquility”.

Source: IL Tempo