Giorgia Meloni takes office at Palazzo Chigi and carries the government on social media

Meloni government, let’s go. After the bell ceremony, the new president of the Council of Ministers also uploads his majority on social media. Meloni posts a video summary of the triumphal day that saw her officially settle in Palazzo Chigi with her government team. “We started – she writes on social media – with a lot of emotion but also with the awareness of the difficult challenges that await us. Now it’s our turn,” says the prime minister, who follows his words with a video clip of the day’s highlights and proposes the election campaign slogan: “We are ready.”

Loyalty and responsibility. And the promise to “go forward together” to face the many emergencies the country is facing. This is the message that Giorgia Meloni conveys to his ministers, in the first Cdm that sees the appointment of Alfredo Mantovano as Undersecretary to the Prime Minister and the attribution of the functions of Deputy Prime Minister to Antonio Tajani and Matteo Salvini. “It starts. With a lot of emotion but also with the awareness of the difficult challenges that await us. Now it’s up to us: we are ready”, is the message of Meloni entrusted to twitter after the meeting of the council of ministers. A flash cdm, only half while the interview before the inauguration ceremony with the outgoing Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, is very long and with few precedents. Almost an hour and a half together, to talk about the many dossiers that the Meloni government now has on the table. Meloni arrives punctually, greeted by the honor guard. Draghi waits for her on the stairs, with a wide smile, asks how she is and she answers truthfully, “Well, this down here is a little emotionally impacting”, with a clear reference to her Arrival at the courtyard, with the military march and honors, salute to the flag When the symbolic moment of the change of the bell arrives – which marks the installation of the new government – Meloni smiles and tries to joke in his own way: “Where should I go?” , start o to the Council of Ministers (hence the ceremony named after her, ed), and asks “do you hear?”. But his eyes are very clear, he can’t hide the emotion, the intensity of the moment. Destined to make history, for being the first woman to be prime minister of the country.

Source: IL Tempo