Meloni government, the message in the first CDM: “We need unity, Italy in a difficult situation”

A quick council of ministers, opened with the usual photos and the appointment of Alfredo Mantovano as undersecretary of the council’s presidency. Then Giorgia Meloni took the floor, starting with a sincere thanks to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. Two concepts were immediately illustrated – according to ministerial sources. The first: once the photos and ceremonies are over, we must – this is the reasoning – work responsibly. The situation in the country is difficult and the answers to be given to citizens depend on us. The second reasoning that is reported by those who participated in the meeting: the election campaign is over, the competitions are over, now we have to say things honestly. It takes unity to face the challenges at the table.

Subsequently, Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani and Matteo Salvini took the floor to confirm the parties’ commitment to work together and for the compactness of the coalition and the government. “To work well, with a united spirit” is rather the unanimous commitment that would have been assumed by the ministers, starting with the two debuts of the deputies.

The Minister of Public Administration, Paolo Zangrillo, spoke on the sidelines of the first government meeting: “Meloni wished us a good job, calling us to a sense of responsibility. He made a strong appeal to responsibility, to the awareness that things happen if you work as a team. A reference to the sense of team, if we all work with a sense of loyalty, honor and responsibility, things will happen”.

Source: IL Tempo