New Government, next step is trust in the Chambers: Meloni prepares speech

Countdown to the last steps that serve the government led by Giorgia Meloni to cross the finish line of the ordinary beginning of the executive’s activity. The Prime Minister will appear in Parliament to ask for confidence: the session will be held in the House on Tuesday 25 October, while in the Senate on Wednesday. This passage is regulated by article 94 of the Constitution as follows: “The Government must have the confidence of both Houses. The motion of censure must be signed by at least one-tenth of the members of the House and cannot be questioned before three days your presentation”. The new prime minister prepares the speech with which she will have to win the trust of the majority in the House and Senate (for the first time resized after the cut of parliamentarians). There are also expectations for Silvio Berlusconi’s intervention in the Senate.

Once Parliament’s trust has been collected, the game opens up to the government in so-called ‘sub-allocations’. Meloni will have to complete the government team with the appointment of deputy ministers and undersecretaries. Decisive figures and roles for the day-to-day of government, especially in liaison relations with Parliament.

It is mainly the undersecretaries, but also the deputy ministers, in fact, who deal with the various competence files in the commissions and in the Chamber and act as a link between Palazzo Chigi and the Chambers. Finally, the game of undersecretaries and deputy ministers has always played a political ‘compensation’ role for those who expected a government post, but whose aspiration was not fulfilled, but it is also useful as a final ‘balance’ of domestic politics. majority balances. This dossier should be completed in early November, although it may take a few more days.

Source: IL Tempo