Salvini meets the Coast Guard commander. The battle against illegal immigration is starting again

The leader of the League starts immediately in the fight against illegal immigrants

Matteo Salvini, despite having resigned from the coveted post of Minister of the Interior, is ready to relaunch the fight against illegal immigration.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility met with Admiral Nicola Carlone, Commander General of the Coast Guard, which has a staff of 10,800 men and women and hundreds of offices and commands across Italy.

For Salvini, says a note, “it was a long and fruitful meeting to take stock of the situation, also with regard to immigration: there are currently two NGO boats in the area of ​​the SAR of Libya”.

At the meeting, as shown in the photos, the former Undersecretary of Infrastructure of the Northern League, Edoardo Rixi, was present.

Source: IL Tempo