Polls, overtaking at the top: Masia’s data on Meloni, Draghi and the leaders

The government of Giorgia Meloni went into operation last Saturday, with the oath of the prime minister and ministers in the hands of President Sergio Mattarella. And the honeymoon with the Italians who trusted the center-right to vote seems to have already begun. The latest sign comes from the research presented by Fabrizio Masia in the episode of Agorà on Monday, October 24, on Rai3.

The data are those relating to trust in leaders, with Meloni surpassing the now former prime minister Mario Draghi. The Italians place the FdI leader at the top of the rankings with 53% of the votes, with a growth of 1% compared to the previous survey that triggers the overtaking of the former head of the ECB. According to the numbers raised by the researcher Emg Acqua, the approval of Draghi and Luca Zaia remains unchanged, in third place among the leaders reaching 43%.

Followed by Giuseppe Conte, Stefano Bonaccini and Silvio Berlusconi. The leader of the 5 Star Movement receives 42 percent, the governor 32 and the leader of Forza Italia 30. The three respectively score +1, +1 and -1 percent. Carlo Calenda goes from 29 to 30 percent, Matteo Salvini from 25 to 24. Enrico Letta, secretary of the Democratic Party, loses 1 percent (from 21 to 20 percent), Italy’s leader Viva Matteo Renzi rises from 16 to 17 .

Source: IL Tempo