Boldrini’s Latest: “Brothers of Italy Excludes Sisters by Name”

The former president of the Chamber talks about the controversy of the genre. And also brings the anthem of Mameli

The gender controversy has been in the government for days. In the sense that Giorgia Meloni, having asked that her role be declined in the masculine-“President Meloni”, therefore, and not “President Meloni”-caused a small earthquake in the radical chic universe. It was not enough, therefore, to be the first woman at Palazzo Chigi to drop the accusations of obscurantism. Usigrai even wrote a letter to the top management of RAI asking journalists not to give in to Meloni’s allegations and reminding them that the use of the feminine declension is an obligation.

Aside from the controversy, the step beyond was taken as usual by former mayor Laura Boldrini. Who wrote a memorable tweet: “The first female premier calls herself masculine, the president. What’s stopping her from claiming her primacy in the language? Treccani says roles should be turned down. Affirming the feminine is too much for the IDE leader, party who already forgets the Sisters in the name?”.

In practice, the problem, in addition to “The” president, is even in the name of the party: “Brothers of Italy”. Giorgia Meloni will have to make an immediate claim to Goffredo Mameli.

Source: IL Tempo