Giorgia Meloni, the government’s manifesto for trust: fiscal truce, reforms and the challenges of the economy

Giorgia Meloni, the government’s manifesto for trust: fiscal truce, reforms and the challenges of the economy

A speech that touched on all the challenges that await Italy and that respects expectations: the one presented by Giorgia Meloni to the Chamber is a programmatic manifesto for the entire legislature. Exactly a month after the elections that gave a center-right majority, the prime minister was greeted by long applause from the majority. Opposition deputies are immobile. “I have spoken many times in this Chamber, as a deputy, as a minister, as a vice-president of the Chamber, but the solemnity is such that I could never speak without feeling a feeling of emotion and deep respect”, Meloni’s first words, for which the trust “is a fundamental moment of our democracy that we must never get used to”.

Meloni then expressed “sincere thanks to Sergio Mattarella, who, in following up on the indication expressed by the Italians on September 25 of last year, did not want to lose his precious advice”. A “thank you” also to Mario Draghi “who, both nationally and internationally, offered all his availability to ensure a quick and smooth delivery”.

“Among the many burdens that I feel on my shoulders today – she underlines – may also be that of being the first woman to head the government of this nation. assert their talent or the right to see their daily sacrifices appreciated,” he said, citing the women who broke “the crystal placed in our heads”.

On the Italian role in the EU, Meloni recalled that Italy is fully part of the West and its system of alliances. Regarding the economic measures, Meloni admitted: “The context in which the government will find itself to act is very complicated, perhaps the most difficult since the Second World War until today. Geopolitical tensions and the energy crisis are hindering the expected post-war recovery. pandemic economy”. “The macroeconomic forecasts for 2023 indicate a sharp deceleration of the Italian, European and world economy, in a climate of absolute uncertainty”. In the latest Def update, “GDP growth forecast for 2023 is 0.6%, exactly a quarter of the 2.4% forecast in the April Economic and Financial Document. of the International Monetary Fund, according to which 2023 will be a year of recession for the Italian economy: minus 0.2%, the worst result among the main world economies, after Germany. The prime minister talks about the numbers.

In her speech, the prime minister addressed the challenge of the NRP (“an extraordinary opportunity to modernize Italy: we all have a duty to make the most of it”) and proposed the fascial truce: “Businesses and workers have been asking for a long time, as a priority not deferrable, the reduction of the tax and contributory burden. The excessive tax burden on labor is one of the main obstacles to the creation of new jobs and the competitiveness of our companies in international markets. at least five points in favor of companies and workers, to alleviate the tax burden of the former and increase the payroll of the latter”.

On the reforms, the prime minister reiterated that Italy “needs a constitutional reform in the presidential sense, which guarantees stability and restores the centrality of popular sovereignty.” “We want to start from the hypothesis of semi-presidentialism in the French model -explained the FdI leader-, which in the past also obtained wide approval from the center-left, but we are also open to other solutions”. “For those who can work, the solution cannot be the income of citizenship, but work, training and monitoring work, also taking advantage of the resources and possibilities made available by the European Social Fund”, he said about employment policies.

“Italy is not a country for young people. Over time, our society has become increasingly disinterested in its future, despite the widespread phenomenon of young people who are excluded from the training and work circuit, as well as the growing emergency of deviations . , made of drugs, alcoholism, crime”, said the prime minister. “We intend to work on the growth of young people. To promote artistic and cultural activities, and in parallel with these sports, an extraordinary tool for socializing, human training and well-being. Working on school education, mostly entrusted to the selflessness and talent of our teachers, often left alone to swim in a sea of ​​structural, technological and motivational deficiencies. Ensuring decent wages and protections, grants for the deserving, fostering business culture and honor lending.”

About Covid, he said that “we cannot exclude a new wave” or “the emergence of a new pandemic in the future. But we can learn from the past to be ready”. “Italy has adopted the most restrictive measures in the entire West, severely limiting people’s fundamental freedoms and economic activities, but despite this, it is among the states that recorded the worst data in terms of mortality and infections. didn’t work and by that I want to say now that we are not going to replicate this model under any circumstances.”

On the phenomenon of immigration, he explained that “security and legality also concern the correct management of migratory flows. According to a simple principle: in Italy, as in any other serious state, one does not enter illegally, one only through the decrees of flow.” “Our intention is always the same. But if you don’t want to talk about naval blockade, I’ll say it like this: it is our intention to recover the original proposal of the naval mission of the European Union Sophia that in the planned third phase, although never implemented, precisely predicted the blocking the departure of barges from North Africa”.

On justice, he explained that “we are going to review the reform of the judiciary to put an end to the current logic that undermines the credibility of the Italian judiciary”. “We will face Mafia cancer head on, as many heroes have taught us who, with their courage, set an example for all Italians, refusing to look away or flee, even when they knew that tenacity would likely lead to their death. . “The fight against the mafia will find us at the forefront. From this government, criminals and mobsters will have nothing but contempt and inflexibility,” he raps to the applause of the majority.

Meloni also returned to the controversy raised by the left over its alleged failure to distance itself from extremism. “Despite what has been argued instrumentally, I have never felt sympathy or proximity to anti-democratic regimes. For any regime, including fascism. Just as I have always considered the racial laws of 1938 the lowest point in Italian history, a shame that will mark our people forever. “. “I have always considered the racial laws of 1938 to be the lowest point in Italian history, a shame that will mark our people forever.” he said, announcing that “we will not deviate an inch: we will fight any form of racism, anti-Semitism, political violence, discrimination”. The vote of confidence in Montecitorio is scheduled for 19:00. Tomorrow we go to the Senate,

Source: IL Tempo