Senate, Giorgia Meloni collects trust with 115 yes: cash ceiling, energy and Ukraine

Senate, Giorgia Meloni collects trust with 115 yes: cash ceiling, energy and Ukraine

He returns to the war in Ukraine, focuses on the energy dossier, opens the League’s proposal to increase the cash ceiling and once again rejects the management of the pandemic. In the response in the Senate – before discounting the confidence with 115 votes in favor, 79 against (5 abstentions) – Giorgia Meloni takes the floor to respond, first of all, to the criticism of the programmatic report of his government.

“It has been said by some that the Italians expected concrete answers from me. I disagree – he attacks – I believe that without a vision, even the concrete answers they give themselves run the risk of not being effective. limited resources you have to choose a path. So I made the choice to design the Italy we would like to build, where we would like to go, and then I let the steps necessary to get it fall from that vision.” Italy which, recalls the prime minister, is going through one of the most complicated moments in its history. And the debate at Palazzo Madama “brought out the real state in which we live, from this story emerges a reality that helps us to carry out a great operation of truth about Italy that we have inherited even from those who denounce its conditions. it is good that the Italians know what is the condition that we face today and that we have inherited”. A condition largely determined by the consequences of the war in Ukraine and by that energy issue that continues to be “one of our great priorities”.

To counter the situation, explains the prime minister, it is first necessary to “counter speculation” and, pending concrete answers from Brussels on the maximum price, assess the separation between the cost of gas and that of other energy sources. “We are ready, if even here Europe is not to provide answers, to work towards a growing decoupling”, he announces, reiterating that in order to face the emergency linked to expensive bills, “we need to work with great punctuality and well-calibrated interventions to help immediate companies and families, “recovering resources” in the folds of the budget, “but mainly from extra profits”, with a rule that I believe should be rewritten “, and from the extra income that the State derives from the increase in energy costs. Alongside what he calls “immediate measures”, he specifies that it is necessary to find structural solutions (“unblocking procedures due to blind bureaucracy and an incomprehensible ideological vision”), medium-term measures that “free Italy from an energy dependence which is unacceptable”, and the reference is to the resumption of national gas extraction.

Also in Ukraine, Meloni goes straight to the point, thus contradicting those who told him “I didn’t mention the word peace”. “I don’t know if anyone thinks that this means war amuses me. No. Obviously I think, hope and work, for what we can do, to achieve a just peace, but we must understand how to get there.”

The one that is underway, he recalls, “is a war of aggression that we cannot accept”, and “the only possibility of favoring negotiation in conflicts is that there is a balance between the forces in the field. If one of the two wins, it’s no use. there are no negotiations unless you want to tell me that peace is achieved with the surrender of Ukraine, and you cannot ask me for that.” In short, peace “is achieved by supporting Ukraine, allowing it to defend itself”, because, he stresses, “we don’t just decide its destiny, we also decide Italy’s”.

A message that seems to be addressed also to the center-right allies, with whom, however, there is unity of views on the increase in the treasury ceiling (to 10 thousand euros), a proposal already advanced by the League with a bill presented in the Chamber. On the subject, according to the prime minister, there has been an “ideological” discussion in recent years. “I will say it clearly: there is no correlation between the intensity of the cash limit and the spread of the underground economy,” he declares, before citing the European Central Bank’s appeals to leftist governments “on the issue of the limit on the use of money. money, which according to the ECB penalizes the very poor”. For this, “I confirm that we are going to put our hand on the box ceiling”. And still in the fiscal field, it undertakes, throughout the legislature, to “progressively” reduce the tax burden “by at least 5 points, two thirds on the worker’s side, one third on the company’s side, for the lowest income, until 35 thousand euros”.

Another topic Meloni pulls straight on is what concerns Covid emergency management. “We have always recognized the value of science and that is why we have never exchanged it with religion – his words -. What we don’t share about what has been done in the past is precisely that in some cases there was no scientific evidence in the measures that were taken. still does not explain to me what the scientific evidence was to prevent 12-year-olds who were not vaccinated, with a vaccine on which the international scientific community was not entirely in agreement, from playing sports.”

Finally, addressing the opposition, he asks that “ideological debates” not take place and “that the measures be evaluated on their merits, and vote or not only in terms of evaluating their usefulness for this nation”. The ‘squeak’ posted on Twitter as he left Palazzo Madama at night serves to emphasize that the executive will keep the commitments made in the election campaign. “Immediately to work to respond to Italy’s emergencies.”

Source: IL Tempo