Senate, Berlusconi’s speech: “Today Meloni is Prime Minister…”. What triggers in the Chamber

Senate, Berlusconi’s speech: “Today Meloni is Prime Minister…”.  What triggers in the Chamber

“It gives me great satisfaction to speak again in the Senate after nine years, and to do so precisely when the Italian people have once again chosen to entrust the government of the country to the centre-right coalition.” Silvio Berlusconi’s long-awaited speech is staged very late in the Senate and, as soon as he takes the floor, the applause is bipartisan for the leader of Forza Italia that is unleashed in the Chamber: “If today for the first time at the helm of the country’s government , by decision of the voters, there is an exponent that comes from the history of the Italian right, this is possible because 28 years ago a plural coalition was born, in which the right and the center together managed to express a project of democratic government for the Nation. that in 28 years has never been divided and that has managed to govern together and remain together with the opposition, a coalition that has led and guides most of the Italian regions. has always been the creator of great choices of democracy and freedom”.

“Today we will vote with conviction and as of tomorrow we will work with loyalty, passion and a constructive spirit, to implement our program”, emphasizes Cav. “This is not the time, noble senators, to recall the many successes achieved by the center-right governments that I had the honor to preside over – adds Berlusconi – but I want to proudly say one thing: our governments have always had a guiding star of theirs. action the guiding star of freedom. We never passed a norm, a law, a provision that could reduce the spaces of freedom of citizens. We never made an international policy choice, which was not on the side of the West and freedom”.

All standing on the government benches, starting with the prime minister, at the end of the Cav’s intervention. All center-right senators also joined in the standing ovation for the leader of Forza Italia.

Source: IL Tempo