Marcelo Saini has been implicated in alleged illegal espionage and Anibal Fernandez has asked him to resign.

Marcelo Saini has been implicated in alleged illegal espionage and Anibal Fernandez has asked him to resign.

Marcelo Saini has been implicated in alleged illegal espionage and Anibal Fernandez has asked him to resign.

The former Minister of Security of Santa Fe was the National Portfolio Advisor; Businessmen, politicians and former officials will be accused of performing intelligence tasks

Former Minister of Security Marcelo Saini
Former Minister of Security Marcelo Saini

Rosario.- Former Minister of Security of Santa Fe Marcelo Saini He was summoned to an impeachment hearing in Santa Fe on Nov. 29 to face charges, prosecutors’ sources said. Alleged illegal espionage. Seven more officials who were in the security portfolio in 2020-2022 will participate in the process.

Saini currently served as an advisor to the Ministry of National SecurityBut after the quote is known Minister Anibal Fernandez asked him to resign. “The situation was not giving any more,” admitted a source close to Fernandez, who warned that Saini’s departure from the Ministry of Security was by “mutual agreement”.

It has been more than a year since the accusation against the former Minister of Security of Santa Fe The offices of this portfolio were raided and computers, mobile phones and a large amount of documents were seized.N. In Santa Fe’s criminal justice system, it is not common for charges to take such a long time to proceed.

The prosecutor’s office is investigating the case Ezequiel Hernandez and Federico Grimberg, Under the unlawful association figure indicates that Illegal spying tasks from the Santa Fe Ministry of Security would be carried out on people and companies without the approval of a court order..

During the Saini administration”Profiling“- according to public information – at least 661 people and public and private entities. According to the investigation, the profiles were created by consulting public and other private databases.

Anibal Fernandez engaged Marcelo Saini as an advisor
Anibal Fernandez engaged Marcelo Saini as an advisor

Such as, for example, “Nosis” and “Sudamericadata” or records of organizations such as “Migrations” or “Automotive Property Records”. The former Minister of Security of Santa Fe, now an adviser to Anibal Fernandez, categorically denied these illegal espionage tasks and said it was in retaliation for investigations into organized crime under his administration.

The hearing will be Saini released and the prosecutor Hernandez, who works in the field of violence and institutional corruption, will be in charge of the case.

As a kind of prologue to this hearing, Santa Fe Media published it last September Leaked audio messages from Saín, which caused a new scandal. Sain described the maneuver as “illegal”.

This audio will be part of a judicial investigation into alleged illegal intelligence missions. The messages were leaked despite the fact that charges had not yet been brought against the former security minister. But the messages are not about the illegal intelligence structure, but about Sain’s abusive and threatening tone toward judicial officials, including the current Santa Fe District Attorney. Carlos Arietti.

Marcelo Saini was Governor Omar Perot's minister
Marcelo Saini was Governor Omar Perot’s minister

In one of the recordings, Saini is heard saying, “Like Anna Morel, we should investigate, arrest, and then make a scandal.” Morell is an official in the provincial Ministry of Economy, who later went on to hold functions in the security portfolio. Two weeks ago, he was involved in a strong confrontation with the current Minister of Security Ruben RimoldWhile meeting at the Santa Fe Legislature.

In another audio, the former minister talks about the arrest of a woman while she was walking her dogs in full quarantine for coronavirus. “I went out on the balcony and there was a girl walking the dogs and we parked with the dogs and everything; We will leave him in a cage, we will leave him crying for twelve hours without water and without food.Says Saini. Then, in a third note, the former minister names Santa Fe District Attorney Carlos Arietti. “There is a complaint from Arieti about illegal espionage, I have no problem with that. But how will it end? Because of violence I like bitches or kicking them or something“.

And finally, the former director of MPA investigative body and acting advisor to the Minister of National Security, K. Hannibal FernandezHe criticized Rosario’s progressivism. “What a beautiful shameless, all Rosario putaraco bassoon of progressivism, because I said they were going to be overthrown. I love it, that Gul will shoot them back“, he expressed.

After the audio was released, Sain took to his social media to defend himself. “Phones stolen from my colleagues at the Ministry of Security arrived from Brazil on November 26, and today they are releasing these personal audio recordings,” the former official said, claiming that “they are committing a crime because these are personal audio recordings taken from my phones.” Colleagues who are not related to the current case”.

According to Sain, the case was “armed” last year after “tremendous media coverage”. However, the ex-minister and his team have not yet worked out the processing. “So far they have not shown any evidence. On the contrary. “When they opened some of the hard drives that were confiscated when our management team left, they found evidence that the previous minister was naming union leaders who were left behind,” he told AM750.

Source: La Nacion