Migrants, Antonio Tajani’s strict line: “We need a European Pact to manage landings”

Migrants, Antonio Tajani’s strict line: “We need a European Pact to manage landings”

The government does not back down a millimeter in the new direction of the management of migrants and there is complete harmony between the center-right forces. Antonio Tajani, Minister of Foreign Affairs, spoke about the issue of landings, interviewed by Messaggero in view of the November 14 summit with his counterparts from the other countries of the European Union: “I will say something very clear, that we need a pact at European level for the management of migrant landings and routes, not only those who insist on the Mediterranean, but also those in the Balkans and Eastern Europe which, in addition to Italy, also reach member states such as Germany and others”.

“The problem – explains Tajani – is not the single state, Germany, Norway or others. It is a problem of legitimacy, of strategy, which cannot be supported by Italy, Greece or Spain alone. This is an issue that Brussels must address and resolve in a coordinated way. The EU must strike a blow, overcoming selfishness”. At the moment on the boats that are pressing on the coasts of Sicily “We agree with the Minister of the Interior Piantedosi, the priority is to welcome the fragile, the sick, women, children, pregnant women. We cannot turn the Mediterranean into a cemetery, but we must know who is on board, where they come from, where they have been taken. It’s the commanders’ responsibility, they have to respect the rules. We cannot act on States, but on them we can. As? Well, with the intervention of the judiciary where a crime occurs in Italian waters”.

According to Tajani, we need “a series of agreements with the countries from which migrants leave. I am thinking of Libya, but also of Tunisia, Morocco, Niger and the entire Sahel. The market for human beings must be stopped. Another thing is the regular immigration of those who come to Italy to study or work. For us, Africa is a fundamental interlocutor, there we need more Italy, more Europe. And missions are also necessary for the continent’s economic growth and development. In 2050 – concludes the national coordinator of Forza Italia – there will be 2.5 billion Africans, it is an issue that must be addressed”.

Source: IL Tempo