Salvini opens the economic yard: “Fixed tax, fiscal peace and quota 41 in Parliament in ten days”

Matteo Salvini assures that there is not much to expect: “In ten days there will be the budgetary maneuver in Parliament It will be the beginning of all the big economic projects in which the center-right has committed itself, then the stop of the Fornero law and the beginning of the 41 quota, the increase in the Flat Tax quota to 80 thousand or 100 thousand to 15%, fiscal peace with the demolition of millions of invoices, the review of citizenship income, without touching but limiting abuses, scams and above all the fact that it can be for the lives of those who can work.” The secretary of the League, as well as the deputy prime minister and minister of Infrastructure and Transport, explains that the projects and commitments made by his party during the electoral campaign will soon begin to see Speaking into the microphones of RTL 102.5, he explains: “Within ten days Italians will see firsthand what we promised in the election campaign. It is understood that most of the funds will be absorbed by the expensive accounts.”

The fixed tax, in fact, as explained by Salvini, will focus on the increase in income to be applied at the rate of 15% for VAT figures. Therefore, it is not yet the famous flat family tax of up to 70 thousand euros that would apply to all types of employees. On the fixed tax, among other things, Giorgia Meloni in his opening speech to the Chambers he spoke of an “incremental fixed tax”, which is otherwise applied only on the increase in income over a previous period which could be fixed at three years.

Source: IL Tempo