Migrants, Meloni thunders: “We will not betray the Italians, they asked us to defend the borders”

Giorgia Meloni vindicates the center-right government’s stance on migrants. The leader of the Brothers of Italy expressed herself on the issue of disembarkations in a post on her Facebook profile in which she does not retreat an inch after the decisions on NGO ships loaded with asylum seekers: “In matters of security and combating immigration, Italians expressed themselves at the polls, choosing our program and our vision. In recent years we have witnessed an inadequate management of the phenomenon, which has produced major and obvious inconveniences such as the collapse of hotspots, an increase in arrivals, police agencies at the end. this has led to a growing climate of general insecurity”.

“Our objective – says the prime minister on the social network – is to defend the legality, safety and dignity of each person. That’s why we want to stop illegal immigration, prevent new deaths at sea and fight human traffickers. The citizens – thunders Meloni – have asked us to defend the Italian borders and this government will not betray its word “

Source: IL Tempo