Matteo Renzi prepares to land on stage. Italia Viva leader brings “Il mostro” to theater

Matteo Renzi prepares to land on stage.  Italia Viva leader brings “Il mostro” to theater

A new edition, which promises to be explosive. A battle against one of the most “untouchable” powers in our country, far from over. The desire to constantly be in the spotlight. “We are studying a real theatrical format for winter and spring because this Il Mostro story lends itself so well. Especially after the news you will find”. Lyrics and music by Matteo Renzi, who announces these important editorial news in his Enews. The director of Italia Viva stated that “the introductory text of the new version of Il Mostro has definitively closed. In addition to the reprint of the 190 pages you already know, there are 70 new ones. I assure you that when they are read they will cause a lot of discussion. I only updated both the political issues (the Draghi government crisis, the Letta election campaign, the Renew Europe bet between now and 2024, the Meloni government) and the judicial issues. Not just my parents’ acquittal.”

Topics are absolutely secret. Very little information leaks out of his entourage. There will certainly be two chapters dedicated to so many “important exponents of the judicial world”. Words, stories and judgments that define themselves as “fiery”. A kind of unfiltered story of a frontal assault on the Palace. “The phrase we chose for the cover – adds the native of Rignano – is the one pronounced by Carlo Nordio, not yet Minister of Justice, in Castenedolo, in the province of Brescia, three months ago. “This book must be read at the Escola Superior da Magistratura.” Much honor. I will limit myself to making myself available to compare myself with students, professors, journalists from all faculties of Law or Political Science in this country who in the first semester of 2023 will request my availability for comparison”.

Doctor House, the iconic character created by the genius couple David Shore and Paul Attanasio, used to repeat: “If everyone told the truth, the world would burn in one night”. A maxim that perfectly sums up Matteo Renzi’s war intentions towards the magistrates and their uncontrolled power.

Source: IL Tempo