NGO survey, citizenship income and superbonuses: Italians are with Meloni

Tough fist with NGOs about migrants, citizenship income, building superbonuses. The measures that Giorgia Melon’s government has taken or is about to take are at the heart of the Political Thermometer survey, which photographs Italians’ appreciation of the hottest topics in the executive’s action. The first can only be the tug-of-war of immigration with Europe and the clash with France. Well, the majority of Italians (50.7%) believe that the Meloni government’s choice to prevent the disembarkation of some of the immigrants who arrived on NGO ships is correct. “Of these, 30.5% believe that any disembarkation should be completely blocked, while any asylum application should be examined outside Italy. 28.6% consider the ban to be incorrect”, explains Tp. According to this last guideline, in fact, everyone should be disembarked and then those who are not entitled to asylum should be expelled. ”Thinking like Emmanuel Macron, that is, that the ban is “inhumane” and that everyone must be accepted, is 18.7%.

There are different sensitivities about Citizenship Income, but what is perceived is that the subsidy must be changed from what it is today. “38.4% agree with its modification provided that the beneficiaries of the RdC can refuse a job offer if the remuneration and work are not decent. . 7.8% oppose any modification while 19% would like the definitive elimination of the measure”.

Regarding the 110% superbonus, the vast majority (60.4%) are in favor of modifying, but not canceling, the construction measure. 19.3% would like to leave it as it is while 17% want it to be cancelled, considering it a wrong incentive. Fewer than two in ten Italians have changed their minds about the war in Ukraine. “43.2% continue to support Kiev so far, 15.8% remain on no one’s side while 18.5% believe that Russia had and still has valid reasons to wage this war.”

As for the voting guidelines, the novelty is the growth of Action/Italia Viva, at 8.4%. Fratelli d’Italia rises again (28.4%), Pd and M5S stable respectively at 17.4% and 16.5%, Lega at 8.3, Forza Italia drops to 6.6%. Prime Minister Meloni’s confidence index is stable at 45%.

Source: IL Tempo