In the Democratic Party it is total confrontation. And Letta admits: “It’s the worst moment of my life”

Anarchy reigns and there is no route. Even in Lombardy, the Democratic Party is in danger of exploding. A little over three months away from the Regionals, Lombard Pd sails in sight. Furthermore. Because if, on the one hand, the DEM regional assembly decided not to support the candidacy of Letizia Moratti for governor (third pole) and to hold the coalition primaries to give birth to the Pirellone candidate, on the other hand, contrary to the decisions of the party of organizations , dem Pierfrancesco Maran, councilor of the Municipality of Milan, officially announced his candidacy, also rejecting the leaders of the Nazarene. «The candidate cannot be an agreement between the secretariats that lost the vote – thunders Maran – but he needs the legitimacy of the citizens. I intend to try. Until the end I will try to expand as much as possible.” The move by Giuseppe Sala’s commissioner, among other things, is supported by several Lombard Pd mayors and categorically excludes an alliance with the pentastellati (“We don’t need to think the M5s are necessary”). He seems to have a taste of revenge, among other things, for the candidacy of the 42-year-old dem for being one of the great excluded from the top Pd of the political dispute. And so Maran broke the center-left impasse in Lombardy, after the no of Senator Carlo Cottarelli, MEP Giuliano Pisapia and the mayor of Brescia Emilio Del Bono.

Enough to blow up the secretary of the Lombard Democratic Party. “If anyone thinks that the path of the coalition should be abandoned by a solitary race of the Democratic Party – Vinicio Peluffo retorts – it is in clear contradiction with what was decided together”. It must be said that the decision of the regional assembly to hold coalition primaries seems to be taken from a fantastic story: how do you talk about coalition primaries when there is no coalition? The Third Pole travels alone with Moratti while the M5s, so far, does not want to know about any agreement, much less with the Pd, to the point of working on their own candidacy. In this scenario is the Democratic Party that in Lombardy decided not to support the candidate of the Third Pole while in Lazio, the name of the Regional Health Councilor, Alessio D’Amato, is also appreciated by Carlo Calenda who took it forward again before the Democratic Party find an agreement within it. No defeat and complete anarchy, we said.

Not at home, as La Stampa reports, Democratic Party Secretary Enrico Letta feels disconsolate. «How difficult this time – underlines the head of the Nazareno -. At times I fear that the party could implode and not continue until March. It’s the worst period of my life.” Yes, end of March. But it was Letta himself who spurred this succession. How do you announce your resignation and at the same time decide to continue leading the party for more than six months, in a delicate phase aggravated by an electoral coup? But now, Letta seems to have understood this and is doing everything she can to bring the congress forward to January. Also because, as Letta himself knows very well, as long as he remains in the Nazareno it will be almost impossible to fix the tear with the 5 stars. And, Giuseppe Conte, he said it anyway. In the ninth case, the movement in anticipation of the congress also takes shape thanks to the support of a petition that has already surpassed 600 signatures, promoted by some representatives of the DEM, among them Alessandra Moretti, Alessia Morani and Valeria Fedeli. Prosecutors are calling for “the Democratic Party to make the Democratic Party” to “immediately stop being in the lead of others” and therefore “hurry up”.

Source: IL Tempo