Pd, national assembly even remotely. The controversy erupts: “Absurd”

It will be held remotely and in the presence of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party convened for next Saturday from 10 am in Rome. The works will be broadcast on Facebook and Youtube and the agenda includes “amendments to the national statute, insertion of the transitional rule for the start of the congress procedure; National Constituent Committee”, as stated in the call. The development in ‘hybrid’ mode was dictated, as the Pd himself explained, to “facilitate the participation of delegates”, around 1000. Throughout the day there was a heated discussion about the meeting of the Parliamentino dem. Not so much on merit. The Assembly, in fact, represents the first concrete step towards this acceleration of parliamentary times now invoked by a large part of the party. Acceleration that Enrico Letta himself had guaranteed. But it was the form of the appointment that caused discussion.

“The national assembly for the start of the constituent process cannot be a bureaucratic achievement, especially online. It seems right and respectful for everyone to call him at least a week later and present”, asked Democratic Party deputy Roberto Morassut. It was not the only critical voice, as Matteo Orfini defined, via tweet, “an absurd thing” an Assembly only in ‘Father’ and former senator Tommaso Nannicini had decided: “Let’s continue like this, let’s get hurt”. While MEP Alessandra Moretti wondered: “On Saturday there will be the assembly, among other things remotely and it is not clear why”.

In the end, however, the real discussion between the DEM continues to be the candidacies and the congress calendar. “There is no new leadership coming in March. We have proposed a petition that has already collected more than 700 signatures in a few days and on Saturday we will officially bring the request to advance the Congress to January”, always announced Moretti, who saw the signatures of other dem exponents such as Carla Catone added to the petition Laura Puppato, Francesca Puglisi and Giuditta Pini, as well as those of the promoters. Meanwhile, potential candidates for the secretariat continue to warm up on the sidelines. After the step of Elly Schlein (“I participate in the constituent phase”), Dario Nardella announced the convening for Saturday, November 26, in Rome, of a “national assembly with all the cultural, social and political forces that believe in a new project to the Italian centre-left. We don’t want to stay in the window,” said the mayor of Florence.Internal controversy is now the left’s favorite sport.

Source: IL Tempo