Migrant emergency, Guido Crosetto: tug of war with France is useful

Italy-France clash over immigrants. After the phone call between Mattarella and Macron, the atmosphere between the two countries has returned to more relaxed, but relations have been very tense. According to Guido Crosetto, “the tug of war with France has one function: to obtain a European line”. The Defense Minister, interviewed by La Stampa, underlines that Italy, with the latest government moves on immigration, has not isolated itself: “But why should we be isolated if we ask for a European line? We do not want to impose anything other than a serious and definitive dialogue and analysis. And anyone who opposes this, even Hungary and Poland, is wrong.”

“We argue that it is the French who are not respecting the agreements. Let’s make a table to understand who is right and who is wrong.” Leaving a ship out is a strange way to solve the problem. Can’t find it? “France finds it strange. For us, it is a way in which the question was finally put to the whole of Europe. And opened the debate on the subject. Do you see that now everyone is talking about asking for a solution? Even the Vatican. A marginalized theme has been re-centered. And while it was forgotten, we received more than 40,000 people and France had only 38 relocations ».

Source: IL Tempo