D’Alema acquits Conte and rejects the Democratic Party: “Draghi has fallen? It’s not the death penalty”

Massimo D’Alema, who spoke today November 15 in L’aria che tira su La7, returns to comment on the rupture between the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement. When asked what you think of Giuseppe Conte overthrowing the Draghi government, D’Alema answers wryly: “It was not a crime punishable by death. Draghi did well, but it would have lasted another 2-3 months I don’t approve of the Conte’s choice, but going forward to say ‘never again with Conte’ is an exaggeration and a self-defeating choice”.

A criticism evidently directed at the ruling group of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta in the first place, who after the fall of the Draghi government no longer considered it possible to continue in the alliance with 5 Stars. Even in recent days, in front of the Sky Tg24 cameras, D’Alema had expressed a similar thought: “It’s not me, it was the Democratic Party that supported Conte as prime minister. I wasn’t there: let’s forget the things that are They write It is the Democratic Party that supported Conte as prime minister, Matteo Renzi and Italia Viva also supported him. Therefore, it seems natural to me that those who governed well for the country, as in the Lazio region, reappear together with the voters. , politics does not always follow logic. Whoever gives in to polemics and rancor loses the elections, as was the case with politics”.

Source: IL Tempo