The air that pulls, Carlo Calenda proposes the minimum wage to the Pd and M5S

Big maneuvers in opposition. While the Meloni government is engaged on several fronts, including the economy, health and international politics, the opposition remains divided on virtually every issue on the agenda. Third Pole, Pd and M5S seem to speak three different languages ​​and find no point of contact. That’s why Calenda tries to take a step in the direction of the other parties and he does it directly in the television studios of “L’Aria che tira” in La7. Calenda proposes setting a minimum wage of 9 euros.

“I don’t like to be alone, on the contrary – Calenda replies to Merlino – I think that with the Pd and the M5s we can do things together with the opposition. I make a proposal and do it right here in your studio. minimum wage is 9 euros. Working poverty in Italy is not worth it. I said. Now I’m waiting what others say”.

Source: IL Tempo